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The NetSuite 17.2 Release: What's In It For Modern Product Companies

Posted by ManageForce | 11/17/17 11:23 AM

The latest 17.2 NetSuite release brought about significant changes to the cloud-native ERP system.  For product companies, there are more enhancements in the upgrade than just the new Inbound Shipment Management and Quality Management Modules.

In fact, the 17.2 update NetSuite is enhancing its existing bill of materials functionality to give product companies the ability to better create an accurate and flexible BOM.  Below we've listed the updates to NetSuite's BOM functionality--highlighting the most important features of each one for you.

  • New BOM Structure: NetSuite users can now select an Advanced BOM feature which will automatically migrate all of their existing assembly item BOMs to a new record structure.  In this new structure, the BOM, revisions, and components are moved into individual records, which can also be customized using the SuiteCloud Developer tools.
  • Separate BOM Record: The new record structure can now be created completely separate from the assembly item, allowing for engineers to build BOMs during the design phase of a product.
  • Multiple BOMs: This new feature allows for manufacturers who have a single item made in different locations to create and track multiple BOMs based on the method of manufacture.
  • Location-Specific BOMs: BOMs are now available to any combo of manufacturing locations, ensuring your customers receive consistent and well-manufactured products.
  • Multiple SKUs: The new Advanced BOM feature now allows for a single BOM to link to multiple end SKUs--a dream come true for product companies that sell items through a variety of channels.  This feature is especially unique to NetSuite, as most ERPs require companies to maintain separate BOM records for each individual SKU.
  • Enhanced Revision Capabilities: This new structure allows for component details to be tied directly to the revision record--creating a much more user-friendly experience.

If you'd like to see the full list of enhancements to the NetSuite bill of materials functionality, click here.

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