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The Dangerous Role of the Accidental NetSuite Admin

on 3/28/17 2:09 PM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | CIO CFO
It’s no secret that the modern business is full of blurred lines. As companies grow and evolve, roles and responsibilities that were once clearly divided can blend into one another.
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3 Tips for Addressing the Skills Gap in Your IT Department

on 3/21/17 9:49 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | CIO CFO
As is the case with any problem, spotting an IT skills gap is the first step towards solving it. A few weeks back we gave you the backstory and tips to spot a gap in your department, namely looking out for:
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NetSuite Managed Services: The Advantage CIOs and CFOs Will Love

on 2/14/17 4:10 PM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | CIO CFO NetSuite Managed Services
The secret of any strong team comes in playing to every team member's strengths. It’s true in life and it’s true in business. And the best way to set your whole team up for success is to have their roles, areas of strength and tasks clearly defined and assigned.
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3 Surprising Database Management Oversights and How to Fix Them

on 1/24/17 2:35 PM By | Dan Ryan | 0 Comments | CFO CIO Database Database Management Database Administration
Having the right people in the right positions is what makes your business work.  In IT the reality is that finding strong talent isn’t easy and it can be difficult to have all of your needs staffed properly, including your database administration.  During staffing crunches, we often see Oracle, SQL Server, or NoSQL database management as one of those roles thrust upon an “accidental DBA.”  You know, the tech savvy team member who knows just enough about database management to get your team by in a pinch.
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4 Ways CIOs Can Do More with Less in the New Year

on 1/4/17 11:49 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | CIO NetSuite ERP
As we start the new year, businesses are setting goals of all sorts for the coming 365, and we’d venture to guess that most of them have one thing in common—cutting costs.
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Scaling the Cloud in the New Year – 5 Things Every CIO Should Know About Cloud ERP

on 12/21/16 9:45 AM By | Dan Ryan | 0 Comments | CIO ERP Cloud Strategy
Quick question for you: How quickly and easily can your company’s ERP system scale as your business grows? The needs of a business will change and evolve as it grows, and you want an ERP solution that will not only seamlessly grow with your organization but also help fuel that growth.
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The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2015

on 9/1/15 9:44 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | CIO CMO Mobility Cloud
  Throughout 2014, the CIO profession was subjected to a baffling series of apocalyptic forecasts and dire predictions that have proven to be laughably wrong.   Where did all these distortions and misperceptions about the stewards of IT strategy and execution come from?
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ManageForce invited to share at MIT

on 9/1/15 9:28 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | IT Leadership CIO
ManageForce was fortunate to be invited to participate in an Executive CIO Panel at MIT’s campus this week, discussing the topic of “ERP Selection, Implementation, and Management."
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How Did AWS, Google Handle Cloud Services Downtime Last Year?

on 9/1/15 9:14 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | CIO Cloud IT Strategy
  CloudHarmony found that Amazon Web Services (AWS)  Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and  Google Cloud Platform were two of the top-performing public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds in 2014.
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Oracle Launches Modern and Secure Oracle Financial Services Cloud

on 9/1/15 8:53 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | CIO Cloud Strategy Database Management IT Leadership
New community cloud offering helps financial services companies address their IT security, privacy, and compliance needs and align with regulatory requirements.
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