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Picking the Right Cloud Service for Your Business

As different IT systems and new technologies emerge, selecting the right types of cloud services and trusted provider has become critical to long-term success.
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Lessons from AWS: The Power of a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

on 3/14/17 4:57 PM By | Dan Ryan | 0 Comments | Cloud Integration Cloud Cloud Strategy
On February 28, a simple typo from Amazon Web Services stalled roughly 150,000 sites for hours, hobbling countless companies around the world. The mishap hit brands like Airbnb, Business Insider, Expedia, News Corp, and many other major global companies, stalling productivity for those businesses as well as all those who rely on their services. To say the least, it was a rough day for AWS and the many, many organizations its services touch.
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To Cloud or Not to Cloud in 2017

on 12/13/16 3:11 PM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Cloud Cloud Migration Cloud Integration
To cloud or not to to cloud? That is the business question of the moment. As we head into a new year, businesses of all shapes and sizes are re-evaluating their enterprise apps and other key business-critical systems. According to Gartner, by 2025, 55% of large enterprises will have implemented an all-in cloud strategy. Perhaps it’s time to consider your own move to the cloud?
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Understanding the Total Value of Cloud ERP Solutions

on 11/15/16 12:19 PM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Cloud Cloud Integration NetSuite
When you need an ERP solution for your company, there are many things to consider — capabilities, ease of use, and cost.
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How Cloud is Changing the IT Workforce

on 10/17/16 12:01 PM By | Dan Ryan | 0 Comments | Cloud Cloud Migration Cloud Integration
A recent McKinsey report on cloud adoption found that by 2018, the 77% of enterprises now using traditionally built IT infrastructure as the primary environment for at least one workload will drop to 43% by 2018. There’s no use denying it, the cloud is completely changing how we do business, and that’s even more true for those in IT.
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Report: Private Cloud Adoption Shifting to Self-Built Clouds

  Technology Business Research (TBR) has released a new report that shows a shift in how enterprises are adopting private clouds. According to the report, there's a shift towards adopting self-built private clouds over third-party-delivered private clouds.   The stats, which are for the second half of 2014, are "a minor but telling shift" from the first half of the year.
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Google’s Cloud Loses Following Among CIOs, Survey Finds

Google made a big push in 2014 to catch in the booming business of cloud computing, or renting computing power to other companies.   But a new Piper Jaffray survey of 112 chief information officers suggests Google has yet to win a lot of converts.
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