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Secure Your Data: Cloud Encryption Tips for 2018

on 12/5/18 8:04 AM By | LightEdge | 0 Comments | Database Data Management Cloud Migration Cloud
Even with the ever-changing technology landscape, one thing remains constant: Data protection should be a top priority. Businesses must work hard to keep their data under lock and key while remaining competitive and compliant. Encryption is essential for businesses with this agenda. Even as an IT professional or a business working with a security service provider, there are vital practices you must put into play.
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Hybrid Cloud Explained

on 10/19/17 5:22 PM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Data Management Cloud
As database technologies change, companies’ data requirements are changing too, and it’s no longer a one-cloud-fits-all situation. Whether it’s industry regulations, compliance issues, or simply a lack of resources, there’s no shortage of data challenges out there. Public and private cloud provide very different solutions.
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A CIO Nightmare: How an Accidental DBA Could Be Harming Your Business

Accidents happen, we all know this. But what happens when those accidents are happening within your business as the result of conditions you’ve accepted or possibly even put in place? And an even more terrifying thought: What if no one is aware they’re happening, even the one committing them? That’s the threat of the Accidental DBA.
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Capitalizing on a Hybrid Approach to Database Management

on 8/14/17 9:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Database Administration Database Data Management
With 95% of businesses now using the cloud in some way, there is no doubt that enterprise technology is heading skyward. However, somewhere along the road to the cloud, many came to believe that the cloud is an all or nothing proposition particularly where databases (such as Oracle, SQL Server, and NoSQL) are concerned, and that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, a recent report from IDG found that in 2018, the typical IT department will still have 40% of their apps and platforms on-premise.
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Tough Questions for Your DBA

on 8/1/17 10:51 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Database Data Management Database Administration
In many ways the role of a database administrator, aka the DBA, can be a thankless but vital one. As a business leader, you know the true value and peace of mind of knowing your Oracle, SQL Server, or NoSQL databases are being looked after and running smoothly, allowing your business to do the same. CIOs and end-users alike expect to always have their data accessible without having to worry—but likely prefer that the tasks required to achieve that ease remain out of sight and out of mind. And that’s the way it should be.
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Report: Private Cloud Adoption Shifting to Self-Built Clouds

  Technology Business Research (TBR) has released a new report that shows a shift in how enterprises are adopting private clouds. According to the report, there's a shift towards adopting self-built private clouds over third-party-delivered private clouds.   The stats, which are for the second half of 2014, are "a minor but telling shift" from the first half of the year.
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Public Cloud Outages Fewer in 2014, But Azure Suffering

Are your customers concerned about public cloud service outages? For the most part, they shouldn’t be, as most major cloud providers improved their up-time levels during 2014. Of the major cloud providers, though, on the worst track record.
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Plug Into The Cloud for Dramatic Cost Savings and Agility

  Listen to Oracle customers describe the dramatic costs savings and agility they achieved with Oracle multitenant. Learn how quick and easy eDBA can now deploy database services while Pulte saved an amazing 1.7 million on their IT innovation project.
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Why 2015 Will Be Year of Big Data: Oracle’s Seven Predictions

Neil Mendelson, Oracle's vice president of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, is immersed in this sector each day at his office in Redwood Shores, Calif. In a conversation with eWEEK, he offered readers some insight into what the company is thinking—and how big data trends will be evolving—as we all move into 2015.
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11 Spring Cleaning Tips for CIOs

on 9/1/15 6:23 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | CIO Data Management Cloud IT Leadership
 The arrival of spring is often taken as a sign that it’s time to clean your house from top to bottom. The same idea holds true for CIOs and their IT environment. You probably have lots of good housekeeping tasks filed away in your “someday” folder, like rationalizing your applications or getting your power costs under control.
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