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The Skills Gap in Your IT Department (And How it Got There)

To say that the winds of change have transformed today’s IT department just doesn’t seem to quite cover the ongoing metamorphosis that mobile, cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things have brought about.
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How the Cloud is Making IT More Strategic

on 2/28/17 3:05 PM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Cloud IT Trends IT Strategy Cloud Strategy Best Practices
The positive impact of the cloud on the day-to-day business processes cannot be overstated. This technology transformation has completely changed how we do business, whether you’re in customer service, marketing, human resources, finance, etc. There is no corporate department the cloud has not touched in a meaningful way and IT is no exception.
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Dealing with Shadow IT and Other Spooks of the IT Workforce

on 10/27/16 9:10 AM By | Dan Ryan | 0 Comments | NetSuite IT Strategy IT Management
It’s a fact of the modern workplace — business units are bypassing IT and adopting solutions that are not sanctioned or managed by IT. This so called “shadow IT” phenomenon opens your business to risks that haunt the dreams of many a CIO and exposes the challenges many businesses face when evaluating new technologies.
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Creating a Data Culture

on 4/13/16 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Big Data IT Strategy
Remember the days, possibly a year or two ago, when you thought that your organization should maybe implement some sort of business intelligence initiative?   That project may have seemed like a nice thing to do, and perhaps you would give it more serious thought eventually. Well, today is that day. Big data is here to stay, and any business that wants to thrive is running, not walking, towards big data implementation.   Business Intelligence (BI) is not just an interesting idea or project you can throw around at a user group conference or cocktail party. It’s the new core focus of businesses with plans to grow, and grow smart.
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Four Factors Leading to Growth in Domestic IT Outsourcing

Our world has seen a sharp rise in domestic outsourcing in the last decade. While offshore IT service providers continue to grow and have allocated many resources into staffing their delivery centers, U.S. domestic centers have shown increased activity as a whole.  
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How Did AWS, Google Handle Cloud Services Downtime Last Year?

on 9/1/15 9:14 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | CIO Cloud IT Strategy
  CloudHarmony found that Amazon Web Services (AWS)  Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and  Google Cloud Platform were two of the top-performing public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds in 2014.
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Public Cloud Outages Fewer in 2014, But Azure Suffering

Are your customers concerned about public cloud service outages? For the most part, they shouldn’t be, as most major cloud providers improved their up-time levels during 2014. Of the major cloud providers, though, on the worst track record.
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Cloud Barriers Cause Competitive Disadvantages

90% of 950 global CIOs and CFOs surveyed said cloud-based applications and infrastructure are needed to deliver digital information, but two-thirds admit that lack of cloud investment is holding them back. Which disadvantage are you facing going into 2015?
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8 Ways Business Intelligence Software Improves the Bottom Line

Business intelligence experts and IT executives share their tips on how BI software can improve your bottom line and make your organization more efficient.   Can business intelligence (BI) solutions, software that helps organizations mine and analyze big data and small, help your company improve its bottom line? To find out, asked dozens of BI experts and IT executives. Here are their eight top suggestions regarding how you can get a positive return on your BI software investment.
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ERP Rapid Deployment — The Old “Slam-Dunk” Approach in Disguise?

on 9/1/15 2:36 AM By | Steven Phillips | 0 Comments | CIO ERP IT Leadership IT Strategy
Within the ERP industry, there is no common glossary of terms to describe various implementation processes, and there probably never will be. Most terms are marketing slogans coined by software vendors or consulting firms that imply their implementation methods are better than their competitor’s.     
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