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How the Cloud is Making IT More Strategic

on 2/28/17 3:05 PM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Cloud IT Trends IT Strategy Cloud Strategy Best Practices
The positive impact of the cloud on the day-to-day business processes cannot be overstated. This technology transformation has completely changed how we do business, whether you’re in customer service, marketing, human resources, finance, etc. There is no corporate department the cloud has not touched in a meaningful way and IT is no exception.
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Managing the Modern Database

on 2/4/16 2:00 PM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | IT Trends Database Database Administration
We are all aware of and are day-to-day witnesses of the rapid development and advancement of technology. New trends and tools affect what we do all the time, and this is especially true with Oracle, SQL Server, and NoSQL database management.   Application, infrastructure, and data trends impact how to best strategize database management and day-to-day administration. It's unwise to get stuck in your ways and continually follow your management strategies without taking into account the changes happening around us. 
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15 Reasons to Rethink Your DBA Management Strategy

on 10/7/15 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | IT Trends Remote DBA Database Administration
Traditionally, database management has followed a distinct system within organizations. Data was produced from transaction systems, then managed, stored, and secured within relational database management systems, with reports created and delivered within the specifications of business decision makers.  
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Four Factors Leading to Growth in Domestic IT Outsourcing

Our world has seen a sharp rise in domestic outsourcing in the last decade. While offshore IT service providers continue to grow and have allocated many resources into staffing their delivery centers, U.S. domestic centers have shown increased activity as a whole.  
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The Articles We Thought Most Informed IT Leaders for 2014

I’m guessing you’re in the midst of planning for 2014, if you’re like us here at ManageForce. I thought you might find the collection of articles below interesting, while you’re balancing budget with persistent new technology.
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