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What's New With JD Edwards Tools Release 9.2.3?

on 1/31/19 11:07 AM By | Matt Poole | 0 Comments | JDE Enterprise One JD Edwards Upgrade
Late last year, Oracle JD Edwards announced its latest Tools Release (9.2 Update 3) for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1), along with a significant drive to lead digital transformation and transformational business solutions.
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JD Edwards ERP and the Usability Factor

on 12/4/18 4:31 PM By | Grant McIver | 1 Comment | Oracle JDE Enterprise One Cloud JD Edwards ERP
One of the most important topics of system improvement that we always look to improve with JD Edwards ERP solutions is overall usability. The IT team can optimize and personalize your JDE ERP system to a T, but if the end user isn’t happy, nobody is happy.
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Drive Digital Transformation in 2018 with JD Edwards

on 2/2/18 10:28 AM By | Matt Poole | 0 Comments | Managed Services JDE Enterprise One Cloud JD Edwards ERP
As the backbone to many market-leading companies, JD Edwards is one of the strongest, most reliable ERP systems on the market today. However, for many business executives they continue to question if they’re consistently taking advantage of JD Edwards to solve their current technology needs. In a recent interview, Lyle Ekdahl, Oracle’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, said “The strength of digital technologies―mobile, analytics, cloud―doesn’t lie in the technologies individually. Instead, it stems from how companies integrate them to transform their businesses.”
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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2: Why Now Is the Time to Upgrade

on 2/7/17 3:56 PM By | Mike Williams | 1 Comment | Oracle JDE Enterprise One JD Edwards
It’s been well over a year since Oracle introduced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 in October 2015, and yet 82% of users have not upgraded. Those who have already upgraded are reporting benefits from its transformational new business capabilities including increased security, mobility and improved real-time insights. So, what are you waiting for?
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Answering Your Questions About JD Edwards in the Cloud

on 6/1/16 8:39 AM By | John Hughes | 1 Comment | JDE Enterprise One Cloud
Oracle has been hardening its strategy and amplifying its message big time with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in the Cloud. Over the last 18 months, Oracle officially went “all in” on the ERP in the Cloud space, and now we actually get to see the different products and platforms of their cloud offering. With respect to JD Edwards, taking an entire comprehensive ERP system, and one that was architected as an on-premise ERP system (and multi-platform, no less—Windows, iSeries, UNIX, Linux; and Oracle, SQL Server, or DB2 databases), putting it in the cloud is not an overnight feat. With that in mind, up to this point Oracle has been releasing new features, tools, and cloud features little by little.  
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JDE EnterpriseOne Applications and Tools Release 9.2: New Security Upgrades and Features

on 12/15/15 7:30 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | JDE Enterprise One JD Edwards ERP Security
As you may have already heard, Oracle recently released their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications and Tools 9.2 upgrade. The 9.2 release signals Oracle's intention to allocate more time, energy, and resources into the innovation and improvement of JD Edwards applications. Upgrades to 9.2 will add new features for administrators, improve the general security infrastructure, and address a few notable legacy security concerns. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the major changes and improvements to security in Oracle's JDE E1 Applications and Tools.
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JD Edwards does it again!

on 9/1/15 8:36 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Oracle JDE Enterprise One JD Edwards
 Enterprise application vendors have continued to invest in making their applications more usable, as buyers expect support for broader user productivity and enablement. With leaders accelerating the pace of releases focused on user interface (UI), mobile, and inapplication data to align themselves with Dark Cockpit principles, others have been challenged just to maintain their position. 
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