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Does Remote Management Help or Hurt: The Case for Remote Database and Applications Management

on 6/15/16 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Outsourcing IT Management
Outsourcing is not by any means a new idea. But outsourced database and application management have become more prominent in almost every type of industry. For the most part, that has to do with how today’s technology has broadened the possibilities and capabilities of remote management, making it much more flexible. Executives still debate whether there are any tangible benefits to having a remote team handle certain responsibilities or tasks for a business. But the reality is that if you find the right people and identify the right areas to outsource, hiring a remote team will positively impact your bottom line. Outsourcing managed services can help reduce costs, tap into top quality talent, provide efficiency and flexibility, and most importantly, lets you and your team focus on what really matters in your business—the core tasks that drive meaningful growth.  
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Outsourcing is an 11-letter Word

on 5/12/16 6:30 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Managed Services Outsourcing
The term outsourcing is not what it used to be. I mean, let’s ponder this scenario for a second: The Big Purple Chairs Company is a large office chair and furniture manufacturer. They recently developed a new set of office chairs that have blown up in the market— everyone wants one! The manufacturing company saw an astonishing 200% growth in Q4 from this new line of chairs, and they’re expecting even more growth in 2016. This explosive growth is excellent news, of course. But, it also means the company has to adapt to these changes.
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How Can a Remote DBA Get To Know Our Business Like We Do?

on 5/4/16 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Outsourcing Remote DBA
How can a managed service provider and their remote resources get to know our business as well as we do? Lots of potential clients understandably ask this question. How can an outsourced team possibly understand our environment as good as we do? That’s a fair question. But, the best, the absolute best, managed service providers won’t flinch at this question.
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8 Reasons to Outsource Your DBA Support

Many IT leaders have had that difficult discussion of whether outsourcing DBA support is beneficial or not. I mean, you already have plenty of capable resources for in-house DBA support, and is it really viable to bring in an external resource that is not familiar with your environment?  
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Four Factors Leading to Growth in Domestic IT Outsourcing

Our world has seen a sharp rise in domestic outsourcing in the last decade. While offshore IT service providers continue to grow and have allocated many resources into staffing their delivery centers, U.S. domestic centers have shown increased activity as a whole.  
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10 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2015

  This year brought the IT outsourcing industry an increase in hybrid offshoring, a greater focus on in-house service integration, a new lower-cost consulting model, smaller deals, and bigger governance requirements.   Next year, more than $100 billion dollars (yes, billion) worth of outsourcing contracts will be renegotiated, says ISG partner Stanton Jones. And many of those customers will forego the traditional tower-based outsourcing approach for a multisourcing cloud-based model.  
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2014 IT Outsourcing in Review: How Did the Expert Predictions Pan Out?

Last year, we predicted that smart machines would radically alter outsourcing, insourcing would increase and cloud computing would come down to earth. Now it's time to grade those and the rest of our predictions...
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