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4 Things to Know About NetSuite When Considering Cloud ERP

Posted by Kristen Spillane | 2/7/18 1:24 PM

Implementing (or upgrading) a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is not a decision to be taken lightly. In fact, for most organizations, the implementation of a new ERP system is one of the most stressful and disruptive initiatives the business can take on. As you evaluate your ERP options on the market, the system’s ability to scale with your organization’s growth, increase efficiency, and drive down costs are all equally important factors to keep in mind.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the latest ERP craze— cloud. If your organization is considering making the transition to cloud ERP, you’re in good company. A growing number of companies are moving to the cloud in an effort to drive cost-savings and increase scalability and business agility. Businesses are increasingly turning to NetSuite, the #1 cloud business software on the market, to fuel their business growth and streamline critical business operations.

There is no shortage of research to be done before making the switch. So to give you a headstart, we’ve highlighted the top four things you should know about NetSuite if your organization is considering making the move to cloud ERP.

A Cloud-Native, Unified Platform

NetSuite’s comprehensive and unified platform is designed to address the entirety of your business’ operations and deliver a consistent business-to-business and customer experience. NetSuite works as a single solution that seamlessly unifies all critical business processes and virtually eliminates time-consuming manual tasks for improved efficiency.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

NetSuite’s built-in reporting functionality delivers a level of visibility into every level of your business that is unmatched by any other cloud ERP system on the market. NetSuite provides real-time analytics for a consolidated view of your organization that is always up to date and can be accessed via the internet anywhere at any time. This means that your organization’s staff has accurate data accessible via their smartphones, laptops, and tablets while they travel or telecommute―without extra costs.

Built-In Flexibility

With NetSuite’s unprecedented flexibility, your business system can evolve as your business grows. NetSuite enables you to tailor the system for your unique business requirements and industry-specific needs, when and where you see fit. It’s architected so that, as you update your NetSuite ERP, your organization-specific configurations and customizations migrate seamlessly for a stress-free (yes, stress-free) upgrade experience.

Complete Accounting and Finance Capabilities

As the #1 cloud financial management solution on the market, NetSuite ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions. NetSuite’s financial management solution also seamlessly integrates with all other business functions (order management, CRM, ecommerce, etc.) to streamline all of your critical business processes.


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NetSuite is a powerful and intuitive ERP system, but that doesn’t mean it runs itself. To make sure you're keeping your NetSuite Cloud ERP solution running smoothly, you need to have the right strategy, resources, and support plan in place.

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Written by Kristen Spillane


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