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9 Reasons to Rethink Your JD Edwards Strategy

Posted by ManageForce | 1/18/16 3:30 PM

Many IT leaders have had that difficult discussion of whether outsourcing app support, like for JD Edwards, is beneficial or not. You already have CNC, developer, and functional resource support, and is it really viable to bring in external resources that are not familiar with your environment?


 You’ve gone through the usual lists of pros and cons to outsourcing managed application support services and still have not come to a clear, final decision. At least, that’s what we find is the case with our clients. The usual process consists of IT leaders listing off the potential ‘standard’ benefits to outsourcing, like 24/7 support. They also go through and list the ‘standard’ possible issues, like spending the time to familiarize an external CNC with your environment.


Yet, the reason so many CIOs fall flat in clearly identifying if managed application services will be a long-term benefit for their organization or not is because they don’t see the deeper web of benefits that a team of expert CNCs, developers, and functional resources brings to the table.


We’ve gathered a list of 9 insightful reasons why your organization needs to rethink your apps management strategy.


Take a look through all 9 reasons and discover the deeper operational benefits for your IT department and for your organization as a whole.


  1. IT Service Management (ITSM)
  2. UXO (User Experience Optimization)
  3. Program Management
  4. Staffing Ebb and Flows
  5. The Cloud Effect
  6. No more DIY support
  7. Decreasing Inefficiencies
  8. Freeing up IT Thinkers
  9. Spring Cleaning


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