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Amazon AWS vs Google Cloud Platform vs Microsoft Azure: Which Public Cloud Is Best for You?

Posted by ManageForce | 9/1/15 10:11 AM

By 2018, 59% of total cloud workloads will be SaaS.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is of course the titan, but MS Azure and Google Cloud are getting more competitive by the day.  According to Gartner AWS has 5x the capacity of the next 14 largest competitors combined!  AWS also had the highest availability of all 3 candidates, resulting in just 2.69 hours of downtime.   


Google coming in second, lags behind in the number of services offered and is not as geographically covered. Still they are investing in their cloud and are ramping up quick!  MS Azure comes in 3rd and targets primarily PaaS customers.  They will soon offer Azure Stack for on-premise private cloud services that will integrate seamlessly with Azure’s public cloud.  When choosing the right cloud partner, look at what each of these services can provide your specific industry and current infrastructure plan.  


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