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An Eye-opening Comparison of Administration Options for JD Edwards

Posted by ManageForce | 10/13/15 6:00 AM

What is the true value of a specialized team of JD Edwards experts? How does this team stack up against an in-house generalist?


We want you to get the best performance out of your JD Edwards investment so we've put together an eye opening infographic that demonstrate just what you may be leaving on the table by going "in-house."   


Discover the valuable difference between an In-


House Generalist and a dedicated Team of JDE Experts.




  • 40 hour/week minimum with IT salaries rising by up to 20%; unavailable on nights, weekends, and holidays; plan for vacation coverage
  • Limited understanding of JD Edwards admin, DB, and trouble shooting; may be supporting apps or software
  • Longer to complete projects + employee benefits + lost productivity (|TTR) = Strain on IT budget and company resources



  • Dedicated senior team available 24x7—even on holidays and weekends -- without the 40 hour/week minimum
  • Expertise across architecture, administration (CNC), all JD Edwards modules, as well as specialized processes, integrations and applications
  • Knowledge of your environment and stack + JD Edwards expertise = Optimized operations and savings


Take a closer look at how ManageForce can Cover Your Apps™

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JD Edwards talent comparison


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