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Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Working With a NetSuite MSP

Posted by ManageForce | 1/10/20 8:06 AM

The search for the right NetSuite support can be overwhelming, with various options ranging from in-house IT to a managed services provider (MSP).  In our recent webinar, Know Your Options With Your NetSuite Support, we discussed the five most common NetSuite support options on the market and  answered a lot of great questions from our audience. 

Asking the right questions when it comes to your NetSuite support is an important step in finding the right solution for your organization. So, we’re spreading the wealth and sharing some of the top questions we received and (most importantly) the answers you need in order to make a well-informed decision about your NetSuite support solution.

Q: Can I work with an MSP on a standalone project before engaging in managed services?

A: Yes. ManageForce often works with businesses on projects before we commit to a full managed services contract. It’s a great way for our team and the organizations we work with to gauge the cultural fit as partners. And for companies who haven’t worked with an MSP before, it can serve as a great introduction to the benefits of a strong managed services partnership.

Q: How do businesses work with an MSP? Do they always have the same contact to talk to who knows my business, or will I get passed around to different people with each new ticket?

A: We can’t answer for all MSPs, but when your business has a contract with ManageForce, you will work with a dedicated customer service representative. Your representative will be assigned to you based on your industry and location.  And most importantly, your representative will learn your business as though he or she were a member of your own team.

That same representative will be your constant point of contact for all of your questions and needs, and he or she will create the necessary tickets to ensure that those tickets are given to the right developer.

Q: Can an MSP help with integrations?

A: If you’re working with an MSP that can’t help with integrations, it may be time to rethink your contract. A managed services partner should be able to help you with just about any NetSuite operation under the sun, from implementation to data migrations, and yes (of course) integrations.

ManageForce frequently conducts integrations. Our customers also benefit from working with us on integration projects. This is because not only are we already familiar with their business’ specific NetSuite system, we bill larger projects similar to this at a reduced hourly rate than you could find with an independent consultant or with other support options. 

Q: Is my business too small for an MSP?

A: We hear this question often, as well as the same question on the opposite end of the spectrum, “Is my business too big for an MSP?”  The short answer to both these questions: Most likely not. A partnership with an MSP can benefit organizations of all shapes and sizes. However, in the interest of full transparency, if your business makes $1 million in revenue annually, and you don’t foresee rapid growth within your organization, an MSP may not be the best fit for your NetSuite support solution. 

Still figuring out your NetSuite support options? Download the Definitive Guide today.

Q: If I hire an in-house NetSuite administrator, can’t that person do the same tasks as a managed services provider and do other tasks the MSP wouldn't do?

A: While your in-house administrator can handle other office and administrative tasks when not performing NetSuite management duties, you may find yourself overpaying for these tasks. For example, a NetSuite administrator may earn $100 an hour, while an office manager could earn only $30 an hour— meaning you’re paying more than triple for those extraneous tasks to be completed. 

When searching for the proper support for your NetSuite cloud ERP solution, asking the right questions and receiving the right answers is critical. At ManageForce, we are dedicated to making sure you know exactly what kind of support you will receive, no matter what option you may choose.

To learn more about the most common NetSuite support options, we encourage you to download our webinar, Know Your Options With Your NetSuite SupportContact us today if you would like to speak with one of our specialists and learn more about what NetSuite support option is best-suited for your organization.


Know Your Options With NetSuite Support Webinar

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