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Rethinking NetSuite Support

on 9/17/18 12:31 PM By | Callie Mykut | 0 Comments | IT Management ERP NetSuite
The advances made in enterprise software capabilities in the last few years alone are in a word — impressive. The cloud has enabled businesses to scale processes that would have once, not too long ago, taken weeks in mere minutes. NetSuite’s cloud-native ERP solution is a particularly strong example of this transformation.
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When Staying On-Premise Makes Sense for Database Operations

on 9/27/17 8:28 AM By | Callie Mykut | 0 Comments | Database Management
There’s no denying it, data of every shape and size is making its way to the cloud. According to ComputerWorld’s Tech Forecast 2017, 79% of IT managers surveyed have a cloud project underway or planned, and that number is only growing. We are the first to sing the cloud’s praises, and there are more than a few reasons to do so, but we know that for some corporations, sending all of your data to the cloud simply does not make sense. If you are stuck figuring out where your data should be, we’ve pulled together the top reasons companies require, at least in part, an on-premise database solution.
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