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What Your NetSuite ERP Support Solution Is Missing (Hint: Managed Services)

on 8/21/19 3:12 PM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Managed Services NetSuite
If you think working with a managed service provider (MSP) to help support your NetSuite ERP solution just means working with a remote team available to answer your questions, it’s time to let you in on a little secret: The right MSP partner should feel like an extension of your team, keeping your cloud ERP solution running smoothly while constantly looking for ways to make it work even better for your business. They should be more than admin support and have a balance of admin, analyst, and developer skills to complement, extend and add significant value to your NetSuite solution. Investing in finding the right MSP partner will help you:
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Avoid the Madness with the Right NetSuite Game Plan

on 4/1/19 10:59 AM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Managed Services IT Management NetSuite
Mapping out a support game plan for your NetSuite solution can be a high-pressure situation. There are more than a few questions to consider — Do you have someone in-house who can manage it? Are you as optimized as you could be? Is SuiteSupport the right option for you? And we haven’t even touched on cost or hiring considerations yet.
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How to Avoid an Accidental DBA Pitfall

The “Accidental DBA” is a database management pitfall we’ve covered before, but it’s one we see all too often and bears repeating. The name itself speaks to less-than-ideal database management circumstances. Picture this: An under-qualified IT team member (through no fault of their own) is left with the charge of managing the company’s most critical data, simply because they have the most bandwidth (probably not enough) and a “good enough” database management knowledge base (but far from being an expert). While this solution may keep things running for the most part, your databases deserve (and need) more than “good enough.”
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What You’re Getting Wrong With NetSuite Support

on 10/8/18 11:54 AM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Enterprise IT Managed Services ERP NetSuite
The world of enterprise IT is constantly evolving. In ERP systems alone, there has been a significant shift from companies being largely tied to on-premise architectures to a more flexible cloud and SaaS model. NetSuite has been a critical player in this move to the cloud with an ERP solution that’s been cloud-based from the beginning.
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Put an End to March Madness: How to Optimize NetSuite Financials and Reporting

on 3/14/18 10:29 AM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | NetSuite
With the deadline for S-Corp and partnership tax returns upon us, it’s likely your company’s financial team is facing its own kind of March Madness. Whether it’s Form 2553 or Form 1120S or the countless other pieces of financial data that needs to be collected, analyzed, and organized before the March 15 deadline, playing the year-end reporting game takes extraordinary hustle.
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Picking the Best Option for Supporting NetSuite―SuiteSupport or Managed Services?

on 2/12/18 11:35 AM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Managed Services Cloud ERP NetSuite
Industry innovators and market-leaders are turning to NetSuite to fuel their business growth each day. After all, its cloud-native architecture makes it easy to scale and integrate with other software, while its comprehensive set of modules and 3rd party SuiteApps allow for businesses to create a specialized system, tailored for specific industry requirements. Although lower costs and ease of integration are among the many reasons businesses are turning to NetSuite, the new requirements for managing cloud applications, IT services and delivery models can present unique challenges throughout all phases of implementation and post-production support. If your organization recently made the investment in NetSuite, you need to make sure you have the right strategy, resources, and support plan in place in order for your business to thrive. Below we’ve outlined two of the most common support options for NetSuite customers including the pros, the cons, and which business IT scenarios each option is best suited for.
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The Dangerous Role of the Accidental NetSuite Admin

on 3/28/17 2:09 PM By | Sean Harmon | 1 Comment |
It’s no secret that the modern business is full of blurred lines. As companies grow and evolve, roles and responsibilities that were once clearly divided can blend into one another.
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NetSuite Managed Services: The Advantage CIOs and CFOs Will Love

on 2/14/17 4:10 PM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Managed Services NetSuite
The secret of any strong team comes in playing to every team member's strengths. It’s true in life and it’s true in business. And the best way to set your whole team up for success is to have their roles, areas of strength and tasks clearly defined and assigned.
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Building a Case for Moving ERP to the Cloud

on 1/17/17 10:57 AM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Cloud Strategy ERP
Recent research from Accenture shows that 67% of CIOs want to position IT as a strategic asset that will help the business grow through the use of innovative technology, products or processes. But unfortunately, many IT operating models that were built around cost management cannot sufficiently support the agility, change and innovation needed for a growth-oriented agenda.
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Understanding the Total Value of Cloud ERP Solutions

on 11/15/16 12:19 PM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Cloud NetSuite
When you need an ERP solution for your company, there are many things to consider — capabilities, ease of use, and cost.
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