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Dust off Your JDE With a Reboot at Collaborate

Posted by John Hughes | 4/4/19 9:00 AM

We’re heading to the Lone Star State, which can only mean one thing: The final countdown to the 2019 Collaborate conference in San Antonio has begun! We are thrilled to have our very own JD Edwards Functional Consultant Grant McIver speaking at the show this year. On Wednesday, April 10th at 12:45 p.m. he’ll dig in to strategies to improve your JDE system with a reboot.

To get in the spirit, we’re dusting off our own JDE boots to give these systems some love. JD Edwards is one of the strongest ERP systems out there, but it could always use a little TLC. However, not all companies can afford to fine-tune their JDE systems without a large project budget or significant downtime. Thankfully, a quick reboot can help tame the Wild West of any JDE solution.

It may seem tough to determine where to begin this journey toward reaching your full potential with JDE, but with strong leadership and effective planning, even the dustiest install can be transformed into a highly functional, user-friendly system. Other insights Grant will spotlight in his presentation include:

Change Is a Comin’ to These (JDE System) Parts

In order to successfully reboot your ERP system, you’ll need to wrangle your team together. Business leaders and end-users will need to be aware and on board in order to minimize risk throughout the reboot, so hitch their wagons before galloping away.

Survey Your Land and Take Stock of Your System

Throughout your reboot, expect a lot of dust and tumbleweeds. There will be different requests and system changes, so anticipating the clutter and prioritizing accordingly beforehand makes a world of difference to both your company and end-users.

Ditch the Dust and Be Open to Optimization

You may think your ERP system is as sharp as spurs, but there are always opportunities for optimization. Do your research and have a picture-perfect JDE system example in mind when recalibrating yours.

If you’re ready to take your ERP system to the next level — and come away the hero — pick up your (re)boot straps and get going. For more details on how to prepare for a reboot, come by  Grant’s Collaborate presentation to see a perfect — yet, attainable — JDE system first-hand.

In need of a partner to wrangle in your JDE system? Visit us at our annual Collaborate networking event or give us a holler here.

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Written by John Hughes


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