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ERP Myths Busted

Posted by ManageForce | 10/1/18 9:07 AM

If you’re a smaller sized business that doesn’t have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implemented, it can be difficult to fully comprehend all the advantages of a successfully deployed ERP system.

ERP systems have a reputation of being costly, challenging, and hard to configure with unique business processes. However, digital transformation has changed so many pieces of the enterprise, and that includes ERP systems. They’re now more affordable, easier to manage, and able to be tailored to automate nearly any process flow.

The real game-changer happened when ERP systems started being delivered via the cloud. Cloud transformation not only made ERP systems accessible to any organization but changed the way that small and medium-sized companies viewed ERP as an opportunity to gain competitive advantage and business agility.

The market-leading cloud ERP systems, such as Oracle’s NetSuite, provide customizable features for any sized business to adequately operate their company in a tightly integrated, optimized, and yes, affordable manner.

Below are a few common misconceptions smaller companies have expressed before implementing and experiencing the many business advantages of ERP systems:

Zero to Cloud? How long will it take?

NetSuite SuiteSuccess is a program designed to have your ERP system up and running in 100 days or less. Generally, the smaller the company, the shorter the implementation process. However, if you have an experienced NetSuite partner assist in the process, your ERP can be installed faster delivering better results. The implementation process is complex, but with various available and affordable options, different sized companies can find the assistance they need.

I use multiple disparate software solutions. 

Many companies use more than one software solution for everyday business. Through the ability of integration, an ERP system, like Oracle’s NetSuite, accommodates data being spread across various applications via standard APIs, natively provided with a system, allowing your business to continue driving value from existing investments in applications. For example, QuickBooks, a financial software, is one that many companies, big or small, commonly outgrow from the limitations and inability to customize. If a system like QuickBooks or another manual process is holding back business, it might be time for a switch.

Is an ERP system capable to tailor my business’ needs?

All companies, big or small, can benefit tremendously from the customizable ERP tailoring capabilities. Many smaller sized companies think that customization isn’t possible in a large SaaS software like NetSuite, however, NetSuite has the ability to allow complex and flexible custom fields for any sized company. Customers using an ERP like NetSuite have found that the customization can be done with very little expertise, and the users that do need extra assistance have SuiteAnswers at the palm of their hand.

Still think you’re too small for an ERP?

Spreadsheets are convenient, but what happens when they start providing more manual roadblocks instead of enabling business growth? ERP systems are no longer just for the big top-dog companies as ERP provides various tools and customizations you require without the recurring frustrations for any sized business. By preparing your business for future growth, you are preparing for future success.

Yes, ERP systems are more expensive than smaller accounting systems, however, ERP systems have an abundant amount of abilities that provide companies the support, advisement, and flexibility that accounting systems lack. If your company is considering making the move, our experts are ready to help.



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