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How Does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Benefit NetSuite?

Posted by ManageForce | 11/8/18 12:02 PM

Since Oracle acquired NetSuite two years ago, it’s brought nothing but positive change and incremental growth over the course of the 24 months. Shortly following, NetSuite shared its plans to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to continue its growth and success. OCI is the next generation of service delivery for NetSuite services, allowing dynamic provisioning of resources, storage, and databases. OCI focuses on Oracle’s largest customers and database or Java-driven applications on a global basis.

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However, the move to OCI is by no means an “easy” project, so how can it benefit NetSuite customers? These are just a few of the benefits of OCI:

Leverage Developers

Managing classic data centers is no small job. Although NetSuite has been architected to run on Oracle’s database it only uses the database for physical storage. Moving NetSuite to OCI allows the software to take full advantage of the elasticity and flexibility OCI provides, removing hundreds of processes and risk.

Efficiency, Reliability, and Performance

The move to OCI is a win-win — not only for Oracle’s customers but Oracle themselves. As Oracle takes over the cloud infrastructure project, NetSuite can focus on being an applications provider and create an increase in innovation, globally.

Global Footprint

The scale that OCI provides for its customers is far greater than what others can typically achieve in other cloud hosting environments. For truly global NetSuite customers, this assures they can rely upon Oracle’s massive global presence in order to benefit from the lowest network latency, accessibility, and highest performance possible.

Heightened Resilience

By offering a multitude of available domains, OCI constantly runs a backup platform. OCI’s disaster recovery plan is built from the ground up, giving end-users that peace of mind they need. We all know that technology has its inconveniences, but with OCI being largely scaled out and elastic, a failure in one part of OCI won’t even be noticed.

It’s clear that Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure will contribute to NetSuite’s successes from the continuation of global growth. As Brian Chess, Global Vice President of Infrastructure, Security, and Compliance said in the video, “I’ve personally witnessed a lot of changes over my time at NetSuite but OCI is a game changer."

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