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How Does Your NetSuite Support Stack Up?

Posted by ManageForce | 8/1/18 9:00 AM

In most organizations cloud ERP solutions like NetSuite provide continual automation and management of essential daily processes, making their value unquestionable. However, the majority of customers using NetSuite don’t implement their ERP on their own, so once it’s implemented, they’re often left wondering how to best manage it from a staffing perspective.

Simply identifying what options are out there is no small task, let alone trying to find the best fit for your business. And oftentimes, the best support option may even be a combination of a few, depending on your situation.

While every company has its own unique support solution, we’ve found that these are the most common:

Internal NetSuite Administrator

An organization’s internal employee that is tasked with managing NetSuite (usually it’s one of many responsibilities).


NetSuite Professional Services (also referred to as SuiteConsulting) is NetSuite’s internal consulting organization. Under this support option, implementation is a hands-on project that is jointly managed by a NetSuite Consulting team and your organization. Companies can also reach out to NetSuite Professional Services for ongoing, ad hoc support needs post-implementation.


NetSuite Support (aka SuiteSupport) is the most common support option among NetSuite users in the market today for the ongoing support of already implemented NetSuite deployments and offers three levels of support ― Silver, Gold, and Platinum ― depending on your needs.

Learn more about your NetSuite support options in our Definitive Guide.  <>

Independent Consulting Firm

Similar to SuiteConsulting, the Independent Consulting Firm specializes in specific deadline-driven NetSuite projects (for example, system integrations), but this support option is independent from NetSuite ― providing an objective perspective to NetSuite obstacles.

Managed Services

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializes in the management, integration, functional guidance, and optimization of your NetSuite ERP and can be a great fit for organizations throughout any stage of deployment.

Which support solution is best for you?

Finding the best support solution for your NetSuite environment can quickly become an overwhelming task. Within each of the options outlined above are a slew of questions that need to be answered to determine which makes the most sense for your business.

That’s why we built a NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet to help you quickly identify the features and offerings of each of these options and determine which option is best for your company. Get your copy here and start optimizing your use of NetSuite today:

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And for a more comprehensive review of the five most common support paths in order to help you thrive with NetSuite, check out the “Definitive Guide to Supporting NetSuite.”

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