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How the Cloud is Making IT More Strategic

Posted by ManageForce | 2/28/17 3:05 PM

The positive impact of the cloud on the day-to-day business processes cannot be overstated. This technology transformation has completely changed how we do business, whether you’re in customer service, marketing, human resources, finance, etc. There is no corporate department the cloud has not touched in a meaningful way and IT is no exception.

The benefits of the cloud have led to a seismic shift in skill sets, roles and responsibilities of the IT workforce. Whereas in the past much of the IT workload was focused on admin and maintenance (i.e. keeping the lights on), the move to the cloud has enabled IT to shift to a more strategic course of action. With the speed of these developments, it can be hard to keep up. So we’ve compiled all the key transformations the cloud has had on the IT workforce here:




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