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Hybrid Cloud Explained

Posted by ManageForce | 10/19/17 5:22 PM

As database technologies change, companies’ data requirements are changing too, and it’s no longer a one-cloud-fits-all situation. Whether it’s industry regulations, compliance issues, or simply a lack of resources, there’s no shortage of data challenges out there. Public and private cloud provide very different solutions.

With the constantly changing technology landscape, it can seem like an impossible task to keep up. Every day brings new advancements, a need for new skills, and new terminology to boot. The latest? Hybrid Cloud.

For many companies it’s not simply a question of one or the other; they need both to manage their unique data situation. On the surface, the hybrid cloud is very simple. It makes use of both public and private cloud to manage a company’s data. But understanding the “Why” and the “When” of hybrid cloud has proved to be the challenge.

We’ve outlined the “What,” “When,” and “Why?” for you below.


Of course, the question that remains is “How?”

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