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Is it Time to Rethink Your Database Management?

Posted by ManageForce | 11/16/18 12:15 PM

Modern organizations are leveraging cloud-based database solutions more and more for increased accessibility and flexibility. However, even with the improved efficiencies of the cloud, databases still need consistent monitoring and support to optimize performance and handle any situation that may arise. As database solutions evolve and improve, so too do the demands and requirements of managing them.

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Regardless of the support solution you are currently using for database management, it’s always wise to regularly reevaluate your approach to be certain it is still the best fit for your IT ecosystem. These are a few important points to keep in mind as you reconsider your database management options.

Don’t Forget the Bigger Enterprise IT Picture

Whether you run an Oracle or SQL Server, your database is important, but it is also just one working part of your much larger IT ecosystem. While departments across your organization may leverage your databases in different ways (i.e. accounting has very different needs than marketing), when processes are not shared across the organization you can end up with larger problems.

To prevent disjointedness, inefficiencies, and performance issues that can happen as a result, your database administrator (DBA) needs to take a holistic approach to database management to address cross-departmental operations. A strong DBA or other database support solution must have the ability to not only assess and handle specific projects but also manage broader backups, table extends, architectural changes, and other optimization strategies.

Think Ahead

As your business evolves and requirements shift, is your database agile enough to adapt quickly? While the processes you have in place may be meeting all your current needs, it’s important to think about what your databases may need in the future and make certain your team — whether that’s an internal DBA, remote DBA, an independent consulting firm, managed services or your own unique setup — can support those.

If your company expands into new verticals, hires more employees, and continues to grow, your databases must be able to accommodate. With ongoing support and optimization, your database will be up-to-date and prepared for future expansion, integrations, migrations, and other requirements.

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Optimize and Personalize

With the right DBA solution, you’ll never be stuck with factory settings again. Whether you’re working with Oracle, SQL Server, AWS, or another relational database management system, your database support team should be optimizing at all times. Whether it’s refining particular reporting features, boosting your advanced security, personalizing your partitioning, finding the right advanced analytics for your business, or something else entirely, being proactive in making sure your support can provide those solutions will set you up for success.

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