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It's 2020. Is Your JDE Support Enough?

Posted by ManageForce | 12/17/19 2:47 PM

Every day you may juggle a laundry list of urgent IT initiatives to keep your business moving forward. It’s inevitable that certain tasks will be prioritized, others will be pushed off, and some will possibly be lost in the mix. Unfortunately, for some organizations the support for their JD Edwards system all too often falls into this last category, and failure to find reliable resources and the proper JDE ERP support can have serious repercussions.

Not having the proper support for your JDE applications, could have a negative impact on your organization’s day-to-day operations, which could ultimately result in a lower return on investment.  This may include the following:

  • Slowed processes
  • Unoptimized technology 
  • Unnecessary costs
  • No strategy/guidance and troubleshooting (for worst case scenarios)

Today, most organizations need their JDE ERP support to  extend much further than just managing the day-to-day tasks that keep it up and running. Whether you’re using an in-house, remote, or consulting  approach, JDE support for 2020 and beyond must offer a diverse set of skills to keep your business fully optimized. It’s important to be sure that your JDE support strategy is equipped with the following skills:

CNC Services 

JDE’s Configurable Network Computing (CNC)  is the technology that enables JDE’s highly-scalable enterprise-wide business solutions software. CNC support services, which requires a uniquely specialized skill set,  will allow your organization to scale up or down as needed for your solution, provide technical support for this architecture, promote package builds, and assist with data refreshes, etc.  

Functional Support 

This strategic support for usability, enhancement requests, and functional guidance is provided to help optimize your JD Edwards system.  Functional support will not only help to ensure that your ERP system is running properly, but verify that it’s being truly optimized to its fullest potential. 

Development Work

With the help of a developer, you can take advantage of the full power JD Edwards has to offer, and this can give you the ability to repackage it into a custom JD Edwards solution to fully support your critical business processes. Without this critical skill set, you may have to settle for functionality that doesn’t quite fit your business needs.

Expertise and Product Knowledge

Managing the databases beneath JD Edwards presents its own unique set of circumstances. Having a support solution that is “apps aware” and one that understands how to manage the databases that reside within the JDE system can present a significant advantage to your organization. In addition, it’s important to have the necessary level of expertise, knowledge, and experience with everything JDE’s EnterpriseOne 9.2.3  Tools Release now has to offer.  It’s imperative that it includes (but is certainly not limited) to the full functionality of EnterpriseOne, specifically UX One and Orchestrator.

Why the Right JDE Support Matters

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle that need to be considered when selecting or upgrading  your JD Edwards support solution — cost, bandwidth, skills, and more. Whether you need to deliver more strategic reporting, bring data to your fingertips through the creation of new dashboards, automate routine processes, or create enhanced functionality, your JDE support should serve as an important and reliable  extension of your team; ready to step in and help whenever your business needs it. 


If you’re just now realizing that you need to reconsider your JDE support strategy, where do you even begin?  For starters, check out our Definitive Guide to JD Edwards ERP Support to read more about the top JDE support solutions, their pros and cons, and common business cases that could help give you more insight on finding the right JD Edwards support for your organization.  




With having years of experience with JD Edwards management and project support,  ManageForce is well-versed in JDE implementations, upgrades, optimizations, and more. Let us help you overcome your JDE support challenges and guide you to the right support solution that’s best-suited for your business. Feel free to  contact us today.

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