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JD Edwards in the Mobile Applications World

Posted by ManageForce | 12/3/15 6:30 AM

Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Overview:

Challenges within the mobile industry and marketplace have changed immensely over the last few years. Gone are the days when employers could standardize both equipment and platform. Seventy-four percent of employees are BYOD, and less than 10% of employers today are “fully aware” of all the different devices accessing their networks.


Taking many different platforms into account is no longer ‘optional’ for vendors like JD Edwards.


All platforms and form factors that mobile applications are running on must be taken into consideration. Not just the bigthree (tablets, computers, and smartphones) but also the plethora of options for each of them. Then, to make matters more interesting, add on glasses, watches, and the multiple platforms they each run on. 



Consideration of the ever-changing mobile application industry and evolution of the marketplace is essential.


Security is one of the biggest concerns companies have when entering the mobile application framework world. Ninety-three percent of businesses are rightfully fearful of data loss and security breaches, including back office systems. A large number (87%) of enterprises are releasing updates on their mobile applications every six months. This can be a punishing pace for security.


JD Edwards’ focus is to build mobile applications to run on many platforms and devices. Embracing the idea of “build once, run on multiple platforms”  allows for simpler extensible UI development, integrated security, full access to native device features, modular and reusable application components, and in-app customization.


Currently, JD Edwards has over 85 developed and functioning mobile applications. They have made the apps available through multiple outlets like Google Play and the Apple Store. These apps can also be customized by developers through the Oracle Mobile Application Archives (MAA) tool.  MAA is a specially built tool that allows developers to customize the existing applications from the JD Edwards Mobile Application Framework (MAF) and deploy it to suit their specific business needs. Developers can use an archive to create mobile applications without having to download the app from an online web app store. This enables internal application distribution and helps control application versioning, rather than forcing users to take the latest update from public stores manually.


Luckily, JD Edwards has made it easy to develop and tweak mobile applications.


The key component to this development is the AIS (Application Interface Services) server. This tool removes the dependency of development on new business services and functions. The AIS allows users to interface into JD Edwards applications from anywhere using the MAF.


To make development easier, JD Edwards has developed tools like a JDev Plugin, the development environment for MAF. This is where objects get built and managed. It communicates with an AIS Server. Framework JARs (Java Archive), JDEMobileFramework.jar and Login.jar are additional tools in the toolshed. These JAR files help communicate with the AIS Server and remove some of the bother. The JDEMobileFramework.jar is a set of Help/API’s built to assist interactions with the AIS and serializing/de-serializing the in-and-out Java code. The Login.jar helps with security, sign-on, passwords and timeouts. CSS Extended Skins allow for targeted or global changes to colors, fonts and positioning, and size, among other things. JD Edwards has created these for both Android and iOS.


JD Edwards created extension options to display additional data, update, remove, and add additional pages. They made development so easy and intuitive almost anything can be customized in an app to meet the specific needs of each client. With JD Edwards’ rapid development of mobile application advances, working in this complex business space easily and with less pain is within your grasp. To get more information, head to

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