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Lost Your DBA? Here’s Your New DBA Replacement Strategy

Posted by John Hughes | 3/12/19 1:09 PM

Employee turnover is to be expected with any business, but it can be particularly disruptive when it comes to your IT team. For instance, if your database administrator (DBA) leaves, it won’t be long until your IT team feels stretched assuming the role of accidental DBA — picking up their tasks until a strong replacement is found and brought up to speed.

The thought of collecting resumes, interviewing prospects, training, and hoping your new recruit is able to pick up where your previous employee left off is enough to make any IT manager’s head spin.

But what if we told you there is a better way? What if DBA turnover was no longer a looming potential threat for your company? Short or long-term remote DBA support from a managed service provider can give you the support you need to keep your databases up and running without ever worrying about turnover. The perks of working with a managed service provider (MSP) for the management of your databases goes well beyond preventing frantic replacement DBA hiring:

Broader Expertise

While having an in-house DBA is a wonderful resource, for most businesses that means all of their database management falls on one person. An MSP can expand on that expertise with a whole team of database experts, each with years of database experience far beyond maintaining simple day-to-day processes to bring to your databases. Look for a remote DBA solution with a true partner mentality that will constantly be optimizing your databases and providing more extensive tools, best practices, and processes to not just keep your databases running, but ensure they are thriving.

Endless Availability

Being able to walk down the hall to your DBA is nice, but what about when the databases go down on Christmas Eve, or the middle of the one week they took off all year? After all, your in-house expert is still only one person who deserves holidays and vacations. By adding a whole team to your database support, courtesy of a remote DBA solution, you’re also adding 24/7/365 coverage, because turnover isn’t the only reason you might not have a DBA on-hand.

More Value

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes from knowing your databases are in competent hands, but it sure is nice to know you’re getting your money’s worth. While having a solution in-house has its advantages, it also comes with a lot of expenses — salary, benefits, training, hiring expenses (to name just a few). With a MSP you are (or should be) paying for database support and nothing else. With the added benefits of expertise and accessibility, the ROI on a MSP is hard to argue with.

Ready to make the most of your database investments?

Turnover will always be a reality for businesses, but when it strikes at the very heart of your business, it might be time to consider a new turnover management strategy. With the number of solid support solutions available for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and every other database out there, there really is no excuse to not have one that works for your business’s needs. A MSP providing remote DBA services can give you the expertise your databases require without the cost of hiring a full-time employee — plus many other benefits.

Showing the full value of proper database management can be just as challenging as the management of those databases themselves. Balancing that investment with the return can be even more difficult. That’s why we did the math for you in this Database ROI resource doc. Get your copy here:

Download the Database ROI Resource sheet 


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Written by John Hughes


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