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Mind the NetSuite Knowledge Gap

Posted by ManageForce | 8/9/18 1:08 PM

As digital transformation keeps technology racing forward, a skills and knowledge gap is left in its wake throughout many organizations. The breakneck pace of innovation has many companies struggling to keep up with staffing and support.

For companies using NetSuite cloud ERP, a NetSuite knowledge gap can be a real problem. To paraphrase the old saying, it’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know that can really wreak havoc on your business and enterprise app management. “Good enough” NetSuite support will get you the same kind of results — good enough.

Given that ERP systems are the lifeblood of most organizations’ enterprise applications, settling for “good enough” support is a compromise that can be unnecessarily costly to the organization; not to mention potentially putting you at a competitive disadvantage (as most companies recognize the strategic imperative of providing the highest quality ERP support as possible).

So it’s important to know that those managing this key piece of your business don’t have gaps in their knowledge. Here are just a few of the areas to be on the lookout for NetSuite knowledge gaps:

NetSuite Reporting - The reporting capabilities of NetSuite are vast and ever-changing. Personalizing them for your particular business needs can be a full-time job. If you feel like you aren’t getting what you need from your NetSuite reporting, you may have inadvertently fallen into a NetSuite knowledge gap.

NetSuite Automation - As with any piece of business IT, there are dozens of ways to do everything in NetSuite, but many otherwise tedious tasks and process flows can be automated by a savvy NetSuite admin (i.e. dashboards, workflows, custom queries, etc.). If you’re stuck in too many manual processes, it might be time to boost your NetSuite know-how.

NetSuite Optimization - Of course, the ultimate goal is getting the best ROI from NetSuite that you can. True optimization comes when you’re maximizing your NetSuite investment by utilizing each and every feature, best practice, reporting hack, and personalization that you can. Without complete immersion and understanding of not only NetSuite, but how it operates within particular industries, achieving optimization can be a real challenge.

Finding the right NetSuite support solution for your company.

There’s rarely any one individual at fault for these knowledge gaps. The simple fact is that keeping up to speed on the changing tech landscape, and the continuously upgraded functionality in NetSuite, is a challenge. That’s why making sure you have the right NetSuite support solution in place is of the utmost importance. But that too can be a challenge.

To provide a clearer picture for what your support options are, we created a NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet to help companies riddle out what support solution makes the most sense for their needs. We’ve outlined the top support solutions and the pros and cons in an easy to use checklist format to help you easily decide what the right solution is for your unique needs. Download your copy today!

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For a more comprehensive look at common NetSuite support paths in order to help you thrive with NetSuite, check out the “Definitive Guide to Supporting NetSuite.” 

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