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NetSuite 17.2: The Top Updates You Need To Know

Posted by ManageForce | 10/13/17 9:16 AM

In today’s age of digital transformation, upgrades are a constant, and it can be difficult to stay in tune with each one as they come about. Case and point, NetSuite has its second update of 2017—NetSuite 17.2—and there’s a lot to unpack. We’ve reviewed the full list of upgrades included in the NetSuite 17.2 release and highlighted the most important details so that you can take advantage of all it has to offer.

  • SuitePeople: NetSuite’s SuitePeople application is now available to all NetSuite users. This app enables HR professionals to streamline all internal processes such as onboarding, compensation changes, etc. in a single suite.
  • SuiteCloud Platform: The platform is designed to minimize wait times for scheduled script processing up to 98%. SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is also included in this update, which allows customers to easily configure and deploy SuiteApps.
  • Omnichannel Commerce: SuiteCommerce site management tools have been upgraded to better support Custom Content Types, which will allow SuiteCommerce developers to build and manage custom website features.
  • Global Financials: Customers can now compare and reconcile financials across books with new Multi-Book Balance Sheet and Multi-Book Income Statement reports. NetSuite Cash Management also allows you to manage your cash accurately, and in real-time.

 For Product Companies:

  • The new Inbound Shipment Management allows you to easily track, manage, bill and receive inbound shipments, while the new Quality Management Module ensures delivery of high-quality products. You can also better maintain and locate your inventory with new Item Location Configuration.

 For Services Companies:

  • The new Advanced Project Profitability Report will help customers get more accurate project profitability and the updated Weekly Timesheets better controls for errors when planning rate changes.

 You can see the full release of the upgrades here: NetSuite Cloud Solutions

As a certified NetSuite Solution Provider, we’re well-versed in managing NetSuite updates.  Our team of experts can easily transition your team onto the latest version, getting you up to speed and allowing you to reap the benefits of the new NetSuite as soon as possible.  Let us help you get started with a quick 15-minute conversation to learn more about your company’s situation.

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