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NetSuite Customers Can Expect Fewer Delays And Better Printing With The Latest SuiteCloud Updates

Posted by ManageForce | 11/13/17 12:37 PM

Recent updates to NetSuite's SuiteCloud Platform have been called a "Developer's Nirvana" by some, but how do these enhancements benefit NetSuite partners and customers?

In the past, developer's have been frustrated with project queues putting high priority processing jobs behind less important ones, ultimately creating delays.  In return, these delays fall onto NetSuite customers and partners, forcing them to manually balance loads or worry about what other jobs are running alonside their apps.

With the new Asynchronous SuiteCloud Processors for the SuiteCloud Development Platform, loads balance automatically, preventing these frustrating delays and eliminating the need for manual balancing, which allows developers to spend more time on priority activities, (hence the "Developer's Nirvana").  In fact, these new processors have decreased average delays and wait times by 98% in lab testing.

In addition to the new SuiteCloud Processors, these latest enhancements to the platform bring about a better printing experience for partners and customers alike.  Say goodbye to irritating workarounds for custom print jobs.  Customers and partners can now tailor printed forms with drag and drop fields, such as asset depreciation and doubtful debts.

Click here to learn more about the recent NetSuite 17.2 release.

As a certified NetSuite Solution Provider, we're well-versed in managing NetSuite updates.  Our team of experts can easily transition your team onto the latest version, getting you up to speed and allowing you to reap the benefits of the new NetSuite as soon as possible.  Let us help you get started with a quick 15-minute conversation to learn more about your organization's current situation.

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