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Picking the Best Option for Supporting NetSuite―SuiteSupport or Managed Services?

Posted by Sean Harmon | 2/12/18 11:35 AM

Industry innovators and market-leaders are turning to NetSuite to fuel their business growth each day. After all, its cloud-native architecture makes it easy to scale and integrate with other software, while its comprehensive set of modules and 3rd party SuiteApps allow for businesses to create a specialized system, tailored for specific industry requirements.

Although lower costs and ease of integration are among the many reasons businesses are turning to NetSuite, the new requirements for managing cloud applications, IT services and delivery models can present unique challenges throughout all phases of implementation and post-production support.

If your organization recently made the investment in NetSuite, you need to make sure you have the right strategy, resources, and support plan in place in order for your business to thrive. Below we’ve outlined two of the most common support options for NetSuite customers including the pros, the cons, and which  business IT scenarios each option is best suited for.


NetSuite Support, or “SuiteSupport,” is not surprisingly the most common support option among NetSuite users in the market today for the ongoing support of your (already implemented) NetSuite deployment. SuiteSupport offers three levels of varied support that customers can choose from, depending on their own perceived needs. Silver is the lowest level available, providing support for very basic NetSuite inquiries; Gold support is the middle-ground support option; and lastly, Platinum is the highest level available.

Since SuiteSupport has three levels of support for organizations to choose from, customers can easily select the service they feel best meets their needs and their budget. However, organizations that feel they need dedicated personnel to support their NetSuite instance may want to consider another option. Only the Platinum level (NetSuite’s highest level of premium custom support) provides customers with a dedicated support representative and program manager.

Organizations that have a solid understanding of NetSuite and have already implemented and optimized the system to meet their standards should think about this option to help support their basic needs (i.e. answering “how-to” questions via email or over the phone).

Managed Services

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) that specializes in the management, integration, and optimization of your NetSuite ERP is a great fit for organizations throughout any stage of deployment that desire a full team of experts available to them 24/7/365. As a third-party support option, a NetSuite Managed Services Provider offers an objective perspective to NetSuite obstacles and is familiar with the common frustrations customers have with specific NetSuite projects. This support option is also a great choice for organizations to consider if they want to free up their internal IT members to focus on strategic initiatives (the MSP can take care of the tactical; or vice versa).

Although having a full team of NetSuite experts always available at your beck and call sounds ideal, there are some limitations to this option. Depending on the provider, Managed Services can be expensive. Look for a firm that provides fixed-fee pricing; this will allow you to operate within a predictable budget without the worry of hidden-fees.

Check out our eBook titled, The Definitive Guide to Supporting NetSuite: A comprehensive review of the five most common support paths in order to help you thrive with your NetSuite instance, for more information on how to leverage support in order to get the most out of your NetSuite investment.

Definitive Guide to Supporting NetSuite 

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Written by Sean Harmon


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