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Rethinking NetSuite Support

Posted by Callie Mykut | 9/17/18 12:31 PM

The advances made in enterprise software capabilities in the last few years alone are in a word — impressive. The cloud has enabled businesses to scale processes that would have once, not too long ago, taken weeks in mere minutes. NetSuite’s cloud-native ERP solution is a particularly strong example of this transformation.

The role of those who manage this technology has undergone a similar metamorphosis, yet many companies are stuck managing them the same way they managed their predecessors.

Learn more about your NetSuite support options in our “Definitive Guide.”

Whether it’s a matter of being stuck in your ways, constricted by budget or bandwidth, or you simply don’t know what other options are out there, it may be time to rethink NetSuite support.

Supporting your business-critical IT, like your NetSuite ERP solution, has different requirements than it once did and your support solution needs to be able to keep up with that change.

Knowledge Sharing

As the saying goes, sharing is caring, and nowhere is that more true in the business world than in the management of those solutions most critical to keeping your company running smoothly. But we frequently come across situations where there is a chasm between those that manage NetSuite and those that use NetSuite. Without communication between the two, processes can get repeated, mistakes made, and ultimately a whole lot of challenges that not only are time-consuming and costly, but could be avoided with a little bit of knowledge sharing.

We recommend looking for a NetSuite support partner willing to be a NetSuite advisor to your organization, a trait that surprisingly is missing from most IT management relationships. Look for a partner committed to giving you the greatest value for your cloud ERP -- one who doesn’t just strive to get your NetSuite ERP solution singing, but is focused on helping you to understand how that was achieved.

Go from Partner to Champion

The word partner can be an empty promise if you’re not working with the right team. We’ve heard more than a few tales of “partners” willing to take your call and having to sell you more, rather than help you get more out of what you already own.

Hold out on selecting a support partner until you’ve identified a company that strives to be a true part of your team, rather than an isolated group, remotely managing your NetSuite solution. You want them to be a true champion for your IT, a company focused on not only making your ERP function but also committed to optimizing it for your business.


As you may have already noticed, both of the previous two points boil down to this one, simple point — you need to trust your NetSuite support. If you don’t feel you have established that trust, it’s time to start investigating why. It could be a simple matter of incorporating more transparency into your current support solution, like knowledge sharing for example. But if you don’t have that confidence, don’t settle.

Identify the Right Support Solution for Your Business

Are you feeling it’s time to make a change? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right NetSuite support solution for your company — cost, bandwidth, skill level, and so much more. That’s why we made a NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet to help companies riddle out what support solution makes the most sense for their needs.

We’ve outlined the top support solutions and their pros and cons in an easy to use cheat sheet to help you easily decide what the right solution is for you. Download your copy here:


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For a more comprehensive look at common NetSuite support solutions that can help you thrive with NetSuite, check out the “Definitive Guide to Supporting NetSuite”.

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Written by Callie Mykut


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