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Scaling the Cloud in the New Year – 5 Things Every CIO Should Know About Cloud ERP

Posted by Dan Ryan | 12/21/16 9:45 AM

Quick question for you: How quickly and easily can your company’s ERP system scale as your business grows? The needs of a business will change and evolve as it grows, and you want an ERP solution that will not only seamlessly grow with your organization but also help fuel that growth.

If you don’t have a great answer, don’t worry - we can help. Here’s a list of the top things to keep in mind when evaluating if your ERP system will support your growth plans:

  • Your data management needs are likely to become more mobile and dispersed: A recent Forrester survey of business leaders found that 69% of employees seek a mobile-first work experience. Mobility is a given in today’s workforce, and you need to be sure your ERP can scale to include the ever growing number of devices your employees will want to access your apps through. From tablets to smartphones to whatever comes next, cloud resources give your team mobile access without too much fuss. And as you grow internationally, one often overlooked feature when it comes time to expand is language capability. Does your ERP translate? NetSuite ERP has built-in support for 15 languages and over 170 different forms of currency, so expanding internationally is a simple, painless process where your ERP is concerned.
  • Your data and reporting needs will become more challenging and complex: According to Forrester, 62% of those surveyed said poor business decisions are often made because of out-of-date data. Lagging data and incomplete or out of date reports can become a big problem fast. Being certain your reports can carry the growing load of data is crucial. Of course, having all the reporting capabilities in the world means nothing if they aren’t relevant. A managed service provider can help you translate that endless stream of data into a real-time, actionable reporting for your team.
  • You need to continue to meet ever-changing compliance requirements:  Being certain that your internal system is able to keep up with compliance requirements is an absolute ‘must’ for your ERP solution. As you grow you need to be aware of changing requirements and able to quickly adapt as needed. Cloud ERP providers like NetSuite provide strong, industry standard compliance with PCI DSS and SAS 70 standards, so you can check compliance off of your to-do list with confidence.
  • You need to be certain your data is secure: When it comes to keeping your company’s data safe, there’s no end to the questions that need to be answered with absolute certainty. NetSuite follows rigorous security, disaster recovery, and backup procedures that are simply not cost-effective with an on-site ERP solutions. Keep your data and business processes safe and running smoothly with your cloud ERP solution.
  • Decisions and processes will likely take longer, however speed and agility will still be a priority: As you grow your business, maintaining the agility and speed that comes with having a smaller business can become a challenge. With more people come more ideas, and more steps between you and a final team decision. As more minds come to the table, you need to be certain the apps and processes backing those decisions up are as agile and streamlined as possible, keeping up with the speed of your business.

As you business continues to grow, it’s essential that the enterprise applications and systems that keep you running keep pace, and a cloud ERP solution makes that possible. Making certain you’re getting the absolute most out of that ERP solution is even simpler with the help of a managed service provider like ManageForce. Set up a 15-minute consultation with us today to learn how you can get the most out of the business-critical investment: Schedule your ManageForce Consultation

Learn more about how the cloud can help your business growth in this complimentary white paper from Mint Jutras:

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Written by Dan Ryan


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