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Stay on Top of Your Business with the Latest Update of UX One in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.3 Release

Posted by Matt Poole | 7/15/19 9:02 AM

Change is hard. Few people are more keenly aware of that than those tasked with completing a JD Edwards system upgrade. The process can be complex, tedious, and incredibly time consuming. That’s probably why just about half of JDE’s user base still hasn’t made the jump. But the benefits of the upgrade are too significant to ignore.

Take UX One, for example - it’s one of the latest JD Edwards advancements that allows business analysts and citizen developers more choice and control in the way they organize and personalize their user experience.

With the latest update of UX One, there have been even more added improvements for users to configure tasks and monitor business with even more power and efficiency. Below, we’ve outlined the key features and benefits of UX One that will help enhance your analytics and personalize your user experience to enable more efficiency and higher performance in your business: 

  • Role-based landing pages based on the Alert, Analyze, Act design paradigm
  • Modernized graphical user interfaces that give you facts at-a-glance
  • Form Personalization for citizen developers for dynamic interface changes
  • CafeOne composite applications to bring together related information for a simplified user experience
  • Templates and utilities to help you create your own analytics
  • Data grouping for aggregations, including currency conversions
  • Springboards to place key tasks in a Composed Page
  • Navigation from charts to applications to help you drill down into data
  • Context menu navigation from charts to related applications

UX One enables a more intuitive user experience to carry out day-to-day tasks and empowers users to effectively stay on top of their business. And it’s one of many reasons why the time to upgrade to JDE 9.2 is now. Oracle invested in developing and further advancing UX One to simplify tasks, improve quality and user satisfaction, and make it easier to get buy-in for their customers. The benefits of UX One are many, but the biggest payoffs for user experience include:

Simplified customer adoption

UX One is simple for customers to adopt because it’s useful, easy to use, and designed for all types of users. The main solution components of UX One are Role-Based Landing Pages, Simplified Forms, and Modern User Interfaces; which allow customers to have greater visibility, more efficiency with their tasks, and the ability to immediately act on what needs attention in their business.

Improved user experience

UX One is built around the user experience, so it’s designed for users to easily configure User Defined Objects (UDOs) and personalize pages to fit their specific business needs and make it easier for users to do their jobs. Maintaining a satisfying user experience helps to increase productivity, save time and money, and avoid business process failures.  

Streamlined configuration and personalization processes

UX One configures and personalizes forms to dramatically reduce customizations, configure to business processes, and personalize the user experience. This provides an organization with the ability to effectively create, approve, and streamline these configurations with speed and efficiency.

Are you looking for smoother transitions with more choice and control when it comes to taking your business to the next level with your JD Edwards system? Integrating JD Edwards UX One into your organization gives you the power to effectively stay on top of your business. As a certified JD Edwards Solutions Provider, ManageForce can share with you our knowledge and expertise to help your business leverage the features and functionalities JD Edwards UX One has to offer.

We’d like to hear more about how we can help you integrate UX One to give you the ability to be in control, personalize your user experience, and successfully carry out your day-to-day tasks in order to stay on top of your business. 

Feel free to contact one of our experts here to learn how our team can help.

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Written by Matt Poole


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