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SuiteSeries #4: What Advertising, Media, and Publishing Companies Can Expect with NetSuite 2019.1

Posted by ManageForce | 3/7/19 9:48 AM

NetSuite’s latest release, 2019.1, includes several features that will directly benefit advertising, media, and publishing companies.

Many advertising and media companies maintain and organize their business with NetSuite, as it helps streamline workflows, gain better insight to client and project-based accounting, and maintain a creative workplace culture.

Additionally, there’s been a steady increase in advertising and media companies expanding internationally. NetSuite’s 2019.1 upgrade includes enhancements that help simplify this global expansion process.

As we tackle our fourth and final industry vertical, we’re covering everything you need to know about NetSuite 2019.1 for advertising and media companies:

New And Improved Reporting Dashboards

NetSuite consistently strives to provide a friendly, intuitive software solution, which is exactly why the 2019.1 update revamps the user interface dashboard. By eliminating crowded screens and dashboards, users can become more productive, organized, and efficient. The changes present a more modern design featuring key business insights and brand new KPI meters, and allow users to display multi-series charts comparing up to 3 KPI’s at a time (both standard and custom). Additionally, advertising and media agencies will be able to see headlines more clearly as they are now bolded, with expandable and collapsible lists nested under each headline.

Adopting The Hybrid Business Model

Advertising agencies, marketing consultants, and other creative organizations are slowly but surely moving to a hybrid business model where they are responsible for resource and time management, but also the cost of expenses and suppliers. NetSuite’s 2019.1 release supports the hybrid business model with enhancements that improve billing cycles and project management processes. Charge-based billing is revamped in 2019.1 with a new purchase charge rule that will help customers process all project-related billing in a single, consolidated place.

Timesheets in No Time at All

Whether they admit it or not, advertising and marketing companies center themselves around timesheets. As the lifeblood of service organizations, updated timesheets are crucial, and outstanding timesheets can quickly become a roadblock to critical business processes. NetSuite’s 2019.1 upgrade will have marketers rejoicing over more capabilities like reminders within the timesheet reporting tool that allow common time-tracking roadblocks to seamlessly disappear. These reminders can be automated to each user, prompting employees and supervisors to complete their project timesheets. These interactive notifications will eliminate the need to chase down outstanding reports while fast tracking communication and project completeness.

Easier Expense Reports

With this 2019.1 update, users are no longer limited to a single currency. Although NetSuite was already accommodating the requirements to submit expense reports in various currencies, a new functionality in the release allows employees to select the required currency for the expense or reimbursement report. For example, if an employee is working in a foreign country for an extended period of time and prefers to be paid in that country’s currency, the exchange rate can automatically be applied and fixed.


NetSuite 2019.1 is coming whether you’re ready or not! Upgrades can be extremely exciting but, like anything, can come with stresses and uncertainty. Avoid the post-release NetSuite blues and let us help you prepare for the newest NetSuite release! Drop us a line below.



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