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The Internet-of-Things is Here, So How Do You Manage It?

Posted by ManageForce | 11/19/15 11:30 AM

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has quickly transformed from a theoretical discussion to a reality.  A study by Gartner, Inc. shows how almost five billion objects are already connected to the Internet. By 2020, the population of connected things will grow to about 25 billion.


Gartner also expects most growth to stem from industrial and corporate applications. R&D departments may focus on exploiting networked objects to help make their companies safer, conserve fuel efficiently, keep assets maintained, and of course, to provide more control and information for people. Indeed, information from networked objects will also fuel big data growth.


How Can Managed Service Providers Help Companies Benefit From the Growth of IoT?

According to a CIO article, "How an MSP Can Help Your Company Get Its Groove Back," many corporations have found that they can better focus on innovation and their own business needs if they turn the everyday management of their own IoT to managed service providers. ‘IoT’ management by MSPs as we know it today hasn't been around that long, but MSPs have implemented device driven projects for a while now. These teams are technically knowledgeable and have the needed experience to manage large-scale, modern day IoT projects.  Companies will spend just about five times more to outsource managing the platforms and infrastructure for the IoT in 2015 than they did in 2010, and there’s good reason for it.


Turning to an MSP to manage IoT projects should seem natural to IT management. Managed service providers may already be providing the software and hardware platforms to run a company's critical business applications that run in the cloud, on servers, or on mainframes. Since IoT will become more standardized and run on platforms with specific apps, these same service providers can offer companies the infrastructure to run their IoT while also supplying day-to-day operations management. A managed service provider also provides clients with the ability to scale without having to make massive investments in their own software, hardware, and technical talent. These benefits are just like those enjoyed by companies that already rely upon service providers for their other IT operations management.


Service providers also offer consultative services at all stages of an application from preliminary meetings and needs analysis to final implementation and maintenance. Instead of having to explore these new technologies alone, corporations benefit from the experience of providers that have already served similar customers but still have the capacity and resources to consider each client's particular business needs.


At the same time, security will become a major concern for companies that come to rely upon their connected vehicles, sources of personal information, medical devices, and electronics. Security, massive amounts of data to filter through, emerging technologies, and the ease of  adding infrastructure are just some of the reasons that many companies will come to rely upon their managed service providers instead of trying to master everything internally.


How Will Your Company Benefit From IoT?

By 2025, IoT will impact the worldwide economy every year by trillions of dollars, says an IBM report. Common corporate applications include health, fleet management, marketing, supply chains, and manufacturing. It isn't hard to imagine the increased productivity from applications like printers that automatically send out an order when ink runs low or engines that send out emails or text messages when it's time for scheduled maintenance. These functions are only going to become more prevalent, and necessary, every single day.


Ask Us About IoT Management for Your Company

Is your business ready to run more efficiently, operate in a safer manner, and conserve resources with a secure IoT infrastructure? If so, contact ManageForce at any stage of the project, from needs assessments to implementation, for professional services that can keep the people and technology in your company connected.

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