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The Top 4 SuiteApps You Need To Know About In The New Year

Posted by Kristen Spillane | 12/14/17 10:23 AM

With the new year right around the corner, it’s a great time to learn how your organization can make your NetSuite environment “Suiter.” You may have heard about the term “SuiteApps”—applications that are “built for NetSuite.” These third-party applications are NetSuite certified; meaning they’ve demonstrated compliance with documented best practices for architecture, development, privacy, and security. These applications easily integrate with your NetSuite instance and enhance  NetSuite specifically for your industry and/or business needs.

Need better reporting out of NetSuite? There’s an app for that. Want to easily connect various APIs in a few days? There’s an app for that too. With thousands of SuiteApps on the market,  it can be overwhelming to decipher which  are worth investigating. We’ve done the research for you and highlighted the top SuiteApps to consider when evaluating how you can better optimize your NetSuite ERP environment in the upcoming year.

iCharts: Gathering business intel and making sense of it for any ERP system is a challenge, and NetSuite is no exception. With iCharts, NetSuite users can stop exporting and start analyzing their data. As the only Business Intelligence solution completely native to NetSuite, iCharts turns NetSuite into a powerful BI tool so you can move beyond basic KPIs and start uncovering deeper insights. iCharts also standardizes your reports automatically—giving your entire team access to a single source of truth that’s always up to date.

Jitterbit: Jitterbit, one of the world’s fastest cloud integration platforms, allows NetSuite users to connect their on-premise and SaaS solutions to their cloud applications in days instead of months. When bringing these disparate apps together, Jitterbit also instantly infuses artificial intelligence into everyday business processes.

Strongpoint (formerly FLODocs): Let’s face it, change management and compliance are extremely stressful processes and often requires a team of people to investigate, document, comply with, and control every change. According to the top-rated SuiteApp, Strongpoint, there is a better way.... Strongpoint is a continuous documentation, change management, and compliance solution for NetSuite. It automatically checks and protects all key IT and financial controls and virtually eliminates the manual work of documentation.

Avalara: Consistently keeping up with tax rules and rates across 12,000+ jurisdictions can be a full-time job. Avalara’s AvaTax “Built for NetSuite” certified integration allows you streamline your workflow and automate sales and use tax end-to-end. AvaTax automates real-time calculation for every transaction, reducing unnecessary busy work and other manual tasks. With Avalara AvaTax, it’s like having tax expert at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Interested in learning more about how these NetSuite SuiteApps can benefit your business? Contact ManageForce for more information about how we can tailor your NetSuite environment  specifically for your evolving  needs enabling you and your team to grow your business.

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*ManageForce is a strategic partner of iCharts, Jitterbit, and Strongpoint*

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Written by Kristen Spillane


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