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Top Skills for Your Dream NetSuite Administrator

Posted by John Hughes | 8/8/19 3:39 PM

When it comes to the management of your NetSuite cloud ERP solution, having the right skills is over half the battle. The actual skills needed will change from business to business and may even change within an organization over time. It’s imperative to identify a support solution that not only keeps pace but can also pivot with your changing needs.

To help you assess your current support solution, we’ve identified a list of three essential NetSuite admin capabilities for optimal performance. Can your NetSuite support efficiently and thoroughly respond to these requirements?

Fully Optimize Daily NetSuite Admin Tasks

Daily NetSuite administration needs to go beyond just keeping the system running smoothly. Your admin should be constantly looking for new opportunities to ensure  your cloud ERP is being used to its full capabilities, leaving no feature un- (or under) utilized. That could be identifying new automations, refining processes, or as new NetSuite releases become available, making certain those updates are being implemented as quickly as possible.

Identify and Complete Customized NetSuite Development Projects

Once you’ve taken full advantage of all of those core capabilities, you may need some customizations that go beyond what NetSuite offers out-of-the-box (i.e. reports, automations, etc.). Does your NetSuite support have the developer skills needed to build those personalized projects in-house? Or will you need to find a contractor to fill those gaps? 

Provide Fluid Experiences for NetSuite End Users

Of course, none of that matters if your end users can’t make heads or tails of procedures. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to end-user interaction with your NetSuite cloud ERP solution. That’s why your NetSuite support needs to have processes in place that work with the way your team works. And those processes need to be clearly communicated with your team.

Still in the exploration phase? Check out our NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet.

The Three-In-One NetSuite Support You Need

To cover (and recruit) all the skills needed to provide full, gap-free coverage for your NetSuite solution, you need to cast a wide net. Companies getting by with one person in-house will likely encounter gaps in the coverage of this integral technology — not an ideal situation. However, hiring the three (or more) people required to cover all of the necessary skill set isn’t an option financially for many businesses. Luckily, there’s another way.

The right managed service provider can give you the full scope of NetSuite coverage you need, typically  at a fraction of the cost of one full-time employee (let alone three). But don’t take our word for it, we broke down the full cost (and return) of all of these roles in our NetSuite ROI Resource. Get your copy today:


Download the NetSuite ROI Resource

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Written by John Hughes


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