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What You’re Getting Wrong With NetSuite Support

on 10/8/18 11:54 AM By | Sean Harmon | 0 Comments | Enterprise IT Managed Services ERP NetSuite
The world of enterprise IT is constantly evolving. In ERP systems alone, there has been a significant shift from companies being largely tied to on-premise architectures to a more flexible cloud and SaaS model. NetSuite has been a critical player in this move to the cloud with an ERP solution that’s been cloud-based from the beginning.
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Implementing a New ERP System: How to Make it a Success from the Start

on 10/23/15 4:37 PM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Enterprise IT JD Edwards ERP
The signs that it’s time for a new ERP system have become clear to you; you’re facing challenges and inefficiencies between the sales/customer organization and finance, as well as burdensome technical processes and/or systems. Because of this, you’ve decided now is the right time to implement a new ERP system. But making that decision is the easy part! The implementation process can be an arduous one, so we want to help you navigate that journey as best you can. To do so, I’ve outlined some key things to consider when implementing a new ERP system.
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Four Factors Leading to Growth in Domestic IT Outsourcing

Our world has seen a sharp rise in domestic outsourcing in the last decade. While offshore IT service providers continue to grow and have allocated many resources into staffing their delivery centers, U.S. domestic centers have shown increased activity as a whole.
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Measuring Enterprise Architecture through Technology Business Management

on 9/1/15 5:35 AM By | Barry Weber | 0 Comments | Enterprise IT
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