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4 Reasons to Migrate JD Edwards Applications to the Cloud

on 5/19/16 10:23 AM By | John Hughes | 1 Comment | Cloud JD Edwards
If you’re running your business with the help of JD Edwards, props to you because you’re using quite possibly the best ERP system in the game. Nowadays, every business is essentially a technology company because we all rely on enterprise apps to successfully execute operations. As such, regardless of your company’s specialty or industry, ERP systems and enterprise apps form the core of the business. Getting the most out of your ERP system is, therefore, essential for success. And while using JD Edwards already puts you at an advantage, you can still get even more out of ERP by migrating your JD Edwards to the cloud.   Ask yourself: Are you really getting the most out of your system?
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Collaborate16 Wrap up and JD Edwards Announcements

on 4/29/16 2:00 PM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | JD Edwards
Collaborate 16, What a Blast! We had a great time at this year’s Collaborate conference. It was great to see so many old friends as well as all the new people we got to connect with this year. Our booth was jumping from the opening happy hour through our last day!
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Is it Time to Leverage JD Edwards in The Cloud?

on 4/6/16 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 1 Comment | Cloud JD Edwards
"Research found that cloud applications deliver 1.7 times more ROI than on-premise ones, largely because four out of five cloud deployments deliver increasing benefits over time.” — Oracle White Paper on JD Edwards Cloud computing
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9 Reasons to Rethink Your JD Edwards Strategy

on 1/18/16 3:30 PM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Managed Services JD Edwards
Many IT leaders have had that difficult discussion of whether outsourcing app support, like for JD Edwards, is beneficial or not. You already have CNC, developer, and functional resource support, and is it really viable to bring in external resources that are not familiar with your environment?  
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Increase Your Bottom Line: Choose the Right ERP and the Right People

on 1/12/16 3:29 PM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Managed Services JD Edwards ERP
As innovation speeds up and business tech projects become more intricate, there is increasing pressure on executives to take responsibility for successful project management. Companies want to make sure they are consistently securing project profitability and, therefore, putting a bigger emphasis on project management.   The biggest factors inhibiting project profitability are a lack of in-depth visibility as well as a lack of control over project risks, costs, and performance. Overlooking these factors can deeply hurt the bottom line, especially in competitive industries where margins get tighter and tighter.
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ManageForce Enters New England

on 12/15/15 5:25 PM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Managed Services IT Management Database Management JD Edwards
As a leading managed services provider for Enterprise Applications and Databases, we are excited to announce we are strengthening our focus in the New England area, forming a management team with over 60 years of combined experience delivering software services focused on achieving business results. Since our very first customer—10 years ago—was in Torrington, Connecticut, this added local presence is a bit like a homecoming for us.
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JDE EnterpriseOne Applications and Tools Release 9.2: New Security Upgrades and Features

on 12/15/15 7:30 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | JDE Enterprise One JD Edwards ERP Security
As you may have already heard, Oracle recently released their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications and Tools 9.2 upgrade. The 9.2 release signals Oracle's intention to allocate more time, energy, and resources into the innovation and improvement of JD Edwards applications. Upgrades to 9.2 will add new features for administrators, improve the general security infrastructure, and address a few notable legacy security concerns. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the major changes and improvements to security in Oracle's JDE E1 Applications and Tools.
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JD Edwards in the Mobile Applications World

on 12/3/15 6:30 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | JD Edwards ERP
Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Overview: Challenges within the mobile industry and marketplace have changed immensely over the last few years. Gone are the days when employers could standardize both equipment and platform. Seventy-four percent of employees are BYOD, and less than 10% of employers today are “fully aware” of all the different devices accessing their networks.   Taking many different platforms into account is no longer ‘optional’ for vendors like JD Edwards.
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The Benefits of JD Edwards for The Consumer Goods Industry

on 11/24/15 9:30 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Managed Services JD Edwards
The Consumer Goods (CG) industry is a tough world to be a part of. On the one hand, CG manufacturers have to deal with new pressures of providing a growing variety of products. At the same time, there is the pressure to maintain the high quality of these products. On top of all that, pressure from rising transportation costs and an unfavorable global economic situation is demanding these businesses to keep tighter control of their margins.
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The Real Reason Clients Fail to Leverage their ERP Software Investment

on 11/6/15 2:30 PM By | Steven Phillips | 0 Comments | JD Edwards ERP
One of the age-old questions haunting the ERP industry is this: How do companies spend big money on ERP systems and then, for some strange reason, fail to leverage their software investment?   Of course, one reason is many companies do not redesign their business processes or cannot sustain the process changes after the system is installed.
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