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How Can a Remote DBA Get To Know Our Business Like We Do?

on 5/4/16 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Remote DBA
How can a managed service provider and their remote resources get to know our business as well as we do? Lots of potential clients understandably ask this question. How can an outsourced team possibly understand our environment as good as we do? That’s a fair question. But, the best, the absolute best, managed service providers won’t flinch at this question.
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5 Reasons Why You Need An Experienced Remote DBA

on 3/17/16 11:30 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Database Management Database Administration Remote DBA
Whether your database is in the cloud or not, it’s the backbone of your ERP suite. In that light, you need an excellent DBA to keep everything running right. The abbreviation DBA does double duty here, and for the purpose of this discussion it stands for "database administrator." Its other well-known legal connotation is "doing-business-as." So, at the risk of torturing a pun, let's say that your database does its business by helping you do your business. Your business relies on database management because it meshes in with everything you do. Technology is at the heart of your enterprise; your operations are dependent on the applications you use, and the performance and reliability of these business-critical apps completely depend on the databases that support them.
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8 Reasons to Outsource Your DBA Support

on 12/18/15 1:41 PM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Managed Services Database Administration Remote DBA
Many IT leaders have had that difficult discussion of whether outsourcing DBA support is beneficial or not. I mean, you already have plenty of capable resources for in-house DBA support, and is it really viable to bring in an external resource that is not familiar with your environment?  
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An Eye-opening Comparison of Administration Options for Database Systems

on 10/26/15 10:17 AM By | ManageForce | 0 Comments | Database Administration Remote DBA
What is the true value of a specialized team of Database Administration (DBA) experts? How does this team stack up against an in-house generalist?   We want you to get the best performance out of your database system so we've put together an eye opening infographic that demonstrates just what you may be leaving on the table by going "in-house."  
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15 Reasons to Rethink Your DBA Management Strategy

on 10/7/15 7:00 AM By | John Hughes | 0 Comments | Database Administration Remote DBA
Traditionally, database management has followed a distinct system within organizations. Data was produced from transaction systems, then managed, stored, and secured within relational database management systems, with reports created and delivered within the specifications of business decision makers.  
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Four Factors Leading to Growth in Domestic IT Outsourcing

Our world has seen a sharp rise in domestic outsourcing in the last decade. While offshore IT service providers continue to grow and have allocated many resources into staffing their delivery centers, U.S. domestic centers have shown increased activity as a whole.  
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'Twas the Night Before Christmas: IT Style... Happy Holidays!

on 9/1/15 7:05 AM By | Leah Edwards | 0 Comments | Database Management Database Administration Remote DBA
‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the logs, not an object was stirring, and no known bogs. The tables all lay in the database with care, in just 2 days St. Nicholas would be there.
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