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UX One is the latest advancement of EnterpriseOne Cloud Release 9.2!

Posted by Leah Edwards | 9/12/16 9:43 AM

Extending its commitment to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, Oracle is announcing some cool enhancements for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 in the Oracle Cloud. These include:

  • EnterpriseOne User Experience Foundation
  • EnterpriseOne Mobile applications
  • EnterpriseOne IOT Orchestrator studio
  • Health and Safety updates.


These enhancements will provide companies with deployment choices, options for industry-focused applications, and solutions that can transform and innovate your current business processes.


JD Edwards UX One is the latest advancement of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user experience.


At a high level, UX One brings:

  • Alert, Analyze, Act design principles
  • Support for all type of users – LOB user to power users
  • Role based user experience
  • Toolset for citizen developers  


UX One provides a simplified user interface that has varied levels of interaction. The UI will alert you to conditions you need to know, analytics to decide on the appropriate action, and offers a path directly to the part of the application to take that action.


UX One keeps users at the Alert/Analyze level and only sends them down the path toward Act when the results of the Analyze step call for performing a business process that requires the more comprehensive application.


Foundational enhancements have been made available to support UX One. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne List View grid formats are personalized grid layouts that users create to customize how their grid data is displayed. List View grid formats enable users to stack columns so that information is compact and easy to find, rather than spread horizontally across multiple columns. Using an intuitive interface, users select the columns and labels to include in their List View grid format and then group the columns in the desired display format. List View grid formats give users a more flexible way of viewing grid data. List View grid formats are delivered with Tools Release


UX One’s primary objective is to provide users with intuitive real time information to enable informed business decisions. Users will be able to quickly understand Alerts, Analyze the situation, and then take informed Action.


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Written by Leah Edwards


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