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Vanquish Zombies in Your JD Edwards Environment

Posted by ManageForce | 10/26/15 12:29 PM

 Trying to escape poor performance, corrupt files, job failures, or other mysterious JD Edwards issues...


It's no Halloween Prank-- Companies are buried in the amount of data they manage and the tasks required to keep JD Edwards environments healthy. Unless properly contained, the continued uprising could cause some potentially serious issues in your critical systems.



You may have disaster recovery in place and a secure technical environment that’s protected against a zombie apocalypse, but is there already a threat lurking, hidden within your system?  We don’t want to cause alarm but zombies are real and chances are they are taking up valuable resources and posing risks to your JD Edwards environment even as you read this.


Zombies often infiltrate your system with a host of issues, including:


  • Data integrity--sometimes even data death
  • System instability
  • Job failure
  • Business function files
  • Poor performance


What causes zombies?


  • Faulty code
  • Bad data
  • Configuration issues
  • Process errors


The solution?

ManageForce has created the best undead infestation removal service, for whatever may plague your systems.


We use the most advanced techniques in zombie eradication and disposal resources for development, support, and performance optimization (and drive cost savings in almost all cases). We can keep the undead from attacking the deepest and darkest corners of your system with regular expert-level JD Edwards coverage.


We have consulted on, supported, or managed hundreds of environments (so you could say we've eradicated a difficult zombie issue or two!).


We support JD Edwards customers:

  • With locations in every global region, including Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and Latin America
  • Across virtually every industry, such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, automotive, real estate, government, public sector, and higher education
  • Of all sizes—from SMB to global enterprises—with an approach that offers consistent commitment and care


We have built a complete portfolio of JD Edwards support, development, and maintenance services to help you with fine-tuning and configuration, upgrades, and ongoing administration resources.


ManageForce moves beyond SaaS providing Great-People-as-a-Service (GPaaS) to truly “Cover your Apps®”


Contact us to schedule a call.

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