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SuiteSeries #2: What Wholesale Distributors Can Expect With NetSuite's New Release 2019.1

Posted by ManageForce | 2/21/19 2:38 PM

The countdown is on with NetSuite 2019.1.

Many different wholesale distribution companies have reduced their inventory and improved sales with NetSuite as it enables wholesale distribution companies to develop new development channels and business processes. As wholesale distribution companies grow with NetSuite, NetSuite continually improves its applications to make them as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

We are tackling our second industry this week covering what you need to know about NetSuite 2019.1 for the wholesale distribution market. Check it out:

Next-Gen SuiteTax

NetSuite SuiteTax presents an enhanced scalable and flexible tax determination, calculation, and reporting process engine. Customers can now use a general set of functionalities in NetSuite and tailor them specifically to their business (that’s right - even more customization!). 2019.1 also provides a more enhanced and controlled workflow process leading to more accuracy for accounts payable. For example, if an end-user creates a payment for a bill, it won’t be processed until it’s approved through your customized workflow.

Revamping Supply Chain Control Tower

The extremely powerful supply chain control tower feature organizes retailers’ movement of materials across all supply chain locations. Release 2019.1 introduces a supply chain control tower snapshot view which allows a global view of all supply chain related transactions in a single screen, enhancing productivity. Since multi-subsidiary columns were added, it allows for a much simpler view. For example, it’s now possible to view specific company transactions with the transaction due date or past due date all in a single column.

Even More Visibility

NetSuite 2019.1 continues to build on making the user-interface as user-friendly as possible. By increasing user productivity and enhancements through a cleaner dashboard system-wide, it’s easier to obtain key business insights. By making the KPI headlines more bold, it is much easier to get the at-a-glance business insight you are looking for, especially when it comes to finding specific details for wholesale transactions.

Commerce Cards

B2B companies - this feature is for you! The card that is positioned at the end of the purchase journey is probably the most important page in an online store. NetSuite for B2B commerce companies provides different opportunities for many customers to add more items in their cart. Now, the new B2B card feature provides the ability for multiple users to have their own individualized cart for the same vendor account. Each individual contact won’t have to worry about viewing others’ cart contents, submitting unfinished orders, or accidentally removing items from a different contact. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ready or not - NetSuite 2019.1 is coming! Upgrades can be extremely exciting but like anything, can come with stresses and uncertainty. Avoid the post-release NetSuite blues and let us help you get ready for the newest NetSuite release!

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