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What Your NetSuite ERP Support Solution Is Missing (Hint: Managed Services)

Posted by Sean Harmon | 8/21/19 3:12 PM

If you think working with a managed service provider (MSP) to help support your NetSuite ERP solution just means working with a remote team available to answer your questions, it’s time to let you in on a little secret: The right MSP partner should feel like an extension of your team, keeping your cloud ERP solution running smoothly while constantly looking for ways to make it work even better for your business. They should be more than admin support and have a  balance of admin, analyst, and developer skills to complement, extend and add significant value to your NetSuite solution. Investing in finding the right MSP partner will help you:

Take Daily NetSuite Admin Tasks Off Your Team’s Plate

Your team has more important (and strategic) things to do than daily NetSuite admin. So, the perk of freeing up your team to focus on business-growing initiatives is a major plus. However, make sure they go beyond daily NetSuite administration too. Your NetSuite MSP should be on constant lookout for ways to optimize your NetSuite solution for your business’ success,  leaving no feature unexplored. That could include refined processes or making certain any necessary customizations are being implemented as quickly as possible.

Make NetSuite Simpler for Your End Users

Making NetSuite useful for your end users is (arguably) the most important thing that can be done for this cloud ERP solution. Without that ease of use, there’s no value to be had. The more efficient, the better. That’s why your NetSuite managed services should fill this role of business analyst to develop processes that work with the way your team works. 

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Optimize NetSuite for Strategic Development Projects

The core capabilities of NetSuite cover an array of business use cases. However, inevitably, something will arise that requires some custom development. Whether it's an app, report, or process that needs some custom coding, your managed service provider should be able to help out with these developer needs, saving you the time/money required to find a contractor for these additional tasks.


From admin to development to analyst, your NetSuite managed services partner should cover all possible scenarios. If your MSP doesn’t check all those boxes or you’re “making it work” with in-house support, you’ll likely encounter gaps in your NetSuite coverage. 


With the right managed service provider on your team, you’ll have the full scope of NetSuite coverage you need, at a fraction of the cost of one full-time employee. We broke down the full cost (and return) of all of these roles in our NetSuite ROI Resource. Get your copy today:



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Written by Sean Harmon


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