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What You’re Getting Wrong With NetSuite Support

Posted by Sean Harmon | 10/8/18 11:54 AM

The world of enterprise IT is constantly evolving. In ERP systems alone, there has been a significant shift from companies being largely tied to on-premise architectures to a more flexible cloud and SaaS model. NetSuite has been a critical player in this move to the cloud with an ERP solution that’s been cloud-based from the beginning.

Despite these significant shifts, some lingering ERP myths (largely tied to its bulkier on-premise predecessor) have hung in there. And as companies look to figure out how to best manage their NetSuite ERP solution, a lot of this misinformation can make the difficult decision even more of a challenge.

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We’ve broken down some of the most prevalent of these falsehoods to uncover the new ERP truths about managing your NetSuite solution. Here are some of the most pervasive myths we’ve seen companies getting wrong when it comes to NetSuite support.

NetSuite runs itself.

Step away from the “factory settings.” It’s true, NetSuite has streamlined countless processes and made the process of getting a new ERP system up and running simpler than ever, but NetSuite still isn’t something you can set and forget. To be clear, there’s not one “right” way to manage NetSuite (another myth). Getting the most out of this technology requires making sure it’s truly optimized for your business.

It’s expensive to customize and optimize NetSuite.

With NetSuite in particular, customization isn’t a dirty word anymore, like it is in traditional ERP applications. Acknowledging that “expensive” is a relative term depending on your business’ IT budget, customizations certainly can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. This is another reason why finding a support option that has a thorough knowledge of both your business and how to optimize NetSuite quickly and cost-effectively across industries.

Hiring a partner will get the job done, but won't make my team smarter.

This one’s tricky. In all honesty, there are “partners” out there that will get in there, get the job done, but with no knowledge-sharing with your team. That might sound like an efficient way to troubleshoot and it is, but without that knowledge-add, your team is stuck calling in outside help every time a problem arises or changes are needed.


Identify the Right Support Solution for Your Business

From cost to bandwidth to skill level, and so much more, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right NetSuite support solution for your company — so where do you start?

Our NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet spells out the features of the top support options to help you make the best decision for your business’ needs. Download your copy here:


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For a more comprehensive look at common NetSuite support solutions that can help you thrive with NetSuite, check out the “Definitive Guide to Supporting NetSuite.”


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Written by Sean Harmon


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