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What's New In SQL Server 2019?

Posted by ManageForce | 10/23/18 11:34 AM

Microsoft recently announced their first public preview of SQL Server 2019 at the Ignite 2018 conference. SQL Server 2019 stands out from other relational database software not only from its new and enhanced features but from the significant increase in data efficiency it provides its users.

SQL Server 2019 not only helps enterprises manage relational data, but with numerous integrations of various software, SQL Server 2019 continues to add more compatibility features helping users with their mission-critical workload. By creating a simplified view of data, users can better see a comprehensive view of information.

These are just a few of the newest SQL Server 2019 features:

Big Data Cluster

SQL Server 2019 allows you to deploy numerous clusters such as SQL Server, Spark, and HDFS Docker that run on Kubernetes to run side by side for users to better read, write, and process large amounts of data. The Big Data Cluster is nothing short of being a big deal by any means, as it allows you to analyze and compare large datasets easier.


Earlier, Microsoft announced Confidential Computing with Always Encrypted that adds advanced protections for data being processed via cloud. Thru enhanced security enablement, data is fully controlled by the user regardless if it’s in rest, transit, or use. New programs like SQL Data Discovery Classification and Certificate Management being integrated within SQL Server 2019 gives privileged users the piece of mind while operating on encrypted data.

Intelligence Query Processing

It’s only fair that ‘adaptive query processing’ in SQL 2017 be renamed to ‘intelligent query processing’ in SQL Server 2019 as it raises the bar adding query features like memory grant feedback, interleaved execution, and adaptive joins. By building these capabilities that adapt and recognize past executions, users can spend less time trying to tune past query plans.

New Polybase Connectors

Starting in SQL Server 2019, PolyBase expanded SQL Server connectors to process queries that read data from numerous external sources, granting easier access. By including the expansion of these external sources, users can better integrate SQL Server data and external data hassle-free.

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 Performance, security, and availability are the main components of SQL Server, and with SQL Server 2019 bringing numerous heightened advancements to each of these categories, business processes become more efficient and effective.

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