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Who’s Watching the Shop this Holiday Season?

Posted by Mike Williams | 11/21/16 11:34 AM

‘Tis definitely the season for good cheer, good fun, and vacation days. But while you and your IT staff are enjoying family, friends, and turkey, who’s keeping an eye on key business processes and services?

Everyone (including DBAs and CNC administrators) takes off time around the holidays, but business never stops, so who will “mind the store” while your team is taking time off or focused on other projects? And most importantly, is your coverage plan foolproof? If things go wrong, will you be short-staffed and unable to address the situation quickly?

A managed service provider like ManageForce can solve this yuletide dilemma with extra hands, eyeballs, and 24x7 coverage to keep your business-critical apps and software running smoothly all year long. At ManageForce that includes:

  1. Application monitoring
  2. Functional and technical support
  3. Help desk access

Of course this is an undeniable help during these crazy holiday months, but the benefits of a managed service provider go well-beyond having 24x7 uptime over Christmas. A partnership with an MSP means having an extension of your IT team focused exclusively on keeping your business apps humming along. That is particularly fantastic if your holiday wish-list includes:

  • Regular application monitoring and testing
  • A system maintenance plan
  • Fine tuning and optimization of your CRM and other business apps
  • Painless platform migrations
  • Management of your cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure

And the list goes on! There are countless reasons to partner with a managed service provider. A recent report from CompTIA found that for 56 percent of companies with > 100 employees, “efficiency and reliability of IT operations” was the leading impetus for going with an MSP (47 percent for companies < 100 employees). Still others rated “enhanced security and compliance” first (38 percent of companies of all sizes). The bottom line is managed service providers can take these tedious tasks off of your plate, freeing you and your IT professionals to focus on other business matters.

The holidays are a stressful time, there are plenty of details to worry about. Don’t let who’s running your business apps be one of them. With a little planning and the help of a managed service provider, there’s no need to be a Grinch. Enjoy the season knowing your business is in good hands on holidays, and every day.

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Topics: Database Management, Database Administration, Remote DBA

Written by Mike Williams


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