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Why Searching for the Right Internal NetSuite Support Is So Difficult

Posted by John Hughes | 7/29/19 3:54 PM

 The need for user-friendly processes, speed, and economies of scale has many businesses thinking that in-house support is the best option for efficient IT management,  but in many cases that’s not true. On the surface, having in-house NetSuite support may appear convenient, however appearances can be deceiving.

If you have the budget to make an internal hire, it’s an option, however, budget alone doesn’t mean an internal hire is the best or most efficient solution. To begin with, finding the right hire isn’t easy. The skills needed to fill this critical role are both specialized and broader than you might realize. And if you’re not checking all of these boxes, you could run into even more serious issues down the road.

To make certain your NetSuite solution has the support it needs, be sure your NetSuite management candidates have the capabilities you need:

Perform Daily NetSuite Admin Tasks

This is where it all starts. Daily monitoring and resulting tweaks and user/security administration is a vital piece of NetSuite support. But your management needs to be able to go beyond this starting block to realize the full potential of this solution for your organization.

Still getting up to speed? Check out our NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet.

Take Advantage of Core Functionality (Before Moving on to Customizations)

Full optimization means different things for different businesses.  But it needs to start with making certain you’re using everything NetSuite has to offer before jumping into complicated customizations, which can add unnecessary costs and needlessly complicate things for your end users.

Make the NetSuite End-User Experience as Efficient and Simple as Possible

At the end of the day, the goal of your NetSuite support is to make the solution usable for the end-user. It takes an analytical eye to keep things running efficiently both on the back end and for your staff that relies on this tech to do their jobs.

Identify and Implement NetSuite Development Opportunities When Needed

Looping back to optimization, there are certain situations where you will need to go beyond what NetSuite offers. Whether it’s a customized report or the development of a new application to keep your end-user experience simplified, having support with the skills to handle developer work means you have someone on-hand who can pick up these projects as they arise.

From admin to analyst to developer, NetSuite support skills cast a wide net. It’s understandably rare to find them in one person and most businesses simply can’t afford to invest in all three. The good news is you don’t have to. The right managed services partner can complement and extend your in-house solution and give you the same level of convenience that internal support affords (sometimes even more so) at a fraction of the investment). You can learn more about the full ROI of NetSuite support in this complimentary ROI Resource.


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Written by John Hughes


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