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Why You Don’t Need In-House NetSuite Support

Posted by ManageForce | 7/18/19 7:30 AM

In-house support for mission-critical technology like your NetSuite ERP solution may sound like a dream in theory, but in practice it can be a nightmare if you don’t have the full support you need. To fully optimize your NetSuite solution, your support needs to go well beyond just daily admin to include a mix of admin, functional, and developer roles.

Realistically, most businesses can’t justify hiring three full-time employees to support these different aspects of NetSuite management. But if you want your NetSuite cloud solution to be at its best, it’s important to consider each of these skill sets and determine if your needs are fully covered:

NetSuite Administration

As the title suggests, this is the heart of your NetSuite admin operations. The administrator makes sure all your systems are up and running doing what they’re supposed to and (if they have the time) optimizing your NetSuite cloud solution for your specific business needs. And all of this is done in coordination with the other two pieces of a winning NetSuite admin solution.

Too much, too soon? See our NetSuite Support Cheat Sheet here.

Functional Business Analyst

The business analyst should be focused on streamlining processes, developing business requirements, support end-users, and generally making sure your cloud ERP is as efficient and end-user-friendly as possible. However, in most organizations this role is commonly lumped in with the NetSuite admin, which can work, but a split focus dilutes the results.

NetSuite Development

One of NetSuite’s many benefits is that it’s easy to customize. So, while you’ll want to make sure you get as much out of the standard NetSuite features as you can, inevitably, you will come across a project or two that requires the skills of a developer. Whether it’s building out personalized reports or custom dashboard features, these development projects can ensure your NetSuite solution is at its best for your specific system requirements.

How to Get All Three in One NetSuite Support Solution

You could win the hiring lottery and find the ideal candidate who has all three skill sets, but you’ll still face limitations like vacations, sick days, not to mention the cost of having a full-time employee exclusively focused on NetSuite, which is limiting in itself. The good news is, there’s another, more affordable and reliable option. The right managed services partner can fulfill or supplement your admin, analyst, and development needs with a team that’s always focused on your NetSuite system. That means your in-house IT can turn its attention to more strategic projects to keep your business growing.

Whatever solution you choose for your NetSuite support, it’s a significant, important investment for you business — one that you want to ensure you’re getting a full return on. That’s why we’ve broken down the features, costs, and value of each in this free NetSuite Support ROI Resource:

Download the NetSuite ROI Resource

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