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Cloud Adoption
Feeling pressure to move to the cloud? Every day more and more organizations begin their cloud migration. At ManageForce, we understand that taking the first step in the cloud can be the most challenging part. We’ll help you navigate cloud application technologies and leverage the best cloud apps to improve productivity, efficiency, and growth. Then we'll deliver a custom cloud operations roadmap that will not only get you there quickly and effortlessly, but also help you excel once you’ve arrived.
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Minimize your risks and optimize the efficiency of your cloud apps. Our full-service dedicated support for your cloud apps is driven by strict process discipline and change management processes in order to ensure application stability for your cloud computing needs.

24/7/365 cloud application monitoring and support

Comprehensive testing of cloud environment integrity
Database management services and administration in the cloud

Automated stress and load testing in the cloud

Cloud capacity planning

Security maintenance and configuration in the cloud

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Cloud Hosting

Ready to move to the cloud? ManageForce can help. We’ll create a custom migration roadmap for your cloud applications, and once you’re there, we’ll help you maximize your investment. Our industry-leading cloud services give you the option to choose private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions in order to find the perfect fit for your business needs and budget.
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Strategic Projects in the Cloud

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Cloud App Implementation

Our experienced cloud services team can help you implement new environments and/or cloud applications, strategically taking into account all of the complex pieces like infrastructure and databases (whether for Oracle, SQL Server, etc.). We are vastly experienced in cloud applications and can provide:
⚬ In-depth cloud application portfolio analysis
⚬ Cloud readiness assessments
⚬ Architectural design and roadmapping in the cloud
⚬ Cloud development and deployment
⚬ Workloads and data migration in the cloud
⚬ Cloud data management, archiving, and purging
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Cloud App Integration

As companies move business-critical applications to the cloud, integrations are proving to be a huge roadblock. ManageForce can help fight cloud silos and maximize the benefits of your SaaS investments and on-premise apps through our innovative cloud platforms:
⚬  On-premise apps with cloud-based software
⚬ Information silos across supply chain management, e-commerce, CRM, sales order management, and HR systems
⚬ Disparate software or system modules between entities
⚬ Data mapping
⚬ External applications and data
⚬ Business Intelligence strategy
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Cloud Migration

Our comprehensive cloud migration strategy helps enterprises migrate complex and critical applications to the cloud. Our approach focuses on the short-term business and technical challenges of cloud migration, as well the long-term operational challenges including:
⚬ Assessing and building cloud migration plans
⚬ Building and training project teams
⚬ Establishing security and governance controls in the cloud
⚬ Creating a cloud migration playbook
⚬ Network and workload migration in the cloud
⚬ Post-cloud migration support
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