JDE Security Redesign Done Right

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This presentation was inspired by true events at Belt Railway.

Redesigning security in JDE can be a daunting task. It is usually not at the top of anyone’s priority list but you know it needs to be done. Over time, your JDE Security design may become fragmented and unsustainable. Users either have too much access resulting in potential security breaches or not enough access where they can’t effectively perform their job duties. 

ManageForce has developed a solidified approach to managing and executing JDE Security redesign projects. Furthermore, we have collected a wealth of tips/tricks on how to redesign JDE security with the least amount of pain and cost.  

In in this presentation you will learn:

  •  How to you plan and approach your redesign project
  •  Options on how to extract the requirements from your business representatives or client
  •  How to utilize a variety of tools and save time
  •  How to weigh using standard JDE security tools against third party security management tools
  •  How to utilize templates and produce test plans
  •  How to reduce the risk and impact to business operations at go-live
  • Tips on how to maintain your new security design long term
Overall, this presentation will help you produce a smaller, more readable, and more sustainable JDE security design.

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